Murder by Choice MOD APK 2.0.10 [Unlimited Hints] Download

Nordcurrent Games
Update OnDecember 19, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints
Category Adventure Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Murder by Choice MOD APK will take your judgment to a new level. This is a game with a lot of adventure elements and fascinating episodes, where players will have to combine elements of reasoning and finding objects that are pressed on the screen. Don’t miss this game if you ever wanted to be a private detective.

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Introduce about Murder by Choice

Murder by Choice – Mystery adventure game with exciting interactive scenes

The journey through the tropical island in Murder by Choice will not be easy at all. This is the main place for you to show off your detective skills by solving all the secrets of the murders. This product from the publisher Nordcurrent Games will help you become a real detective.

Murder by Choice

The proof is that you will have to hunt for clues and collect evidence to convict a dangerous criminal. Each location contains countless secrets and important clues that you should not miss. All are vividly reproduced in Murder by Choice. Please download this game via Google Play or the APK link below this article to play it now.

The adventures of Carla Page

The main character in Murder by Choice is Carla Page, a young journalist who accepts the invitation of billionaire Ruben Navarro. Accordingly, she was invited to attend this billionaire’s annual event on a tropical island. Therefore, it is not too surprising that this party gathers all the rich and influential people in the world.

But fate had arranged that Carla Page could not come to this party. Because her flight was forced to land on a tropical island in the sea to avoid a storm. This is also when a serial murder takes place and mysterious details on the tropical island appear. This is the right time for you to accompany Carla Page to solve outstanding problems. The clues will gradually reveal through your actions. Who is the real killer when she arrives on this island?

Make informed choices

Join Murder by Choice, players will have the opportunity to challenge their observation, analytical ability, and connection of events. You will first go through a series of different interactive scenarios that appear on the screen to better understand the content of the main story. Basically, now you will feel everything like a normal visual novel game.

download murder by choice mod

A series of questions will appear on the screen, and you will have to come up with the most appropriate answer in each situation to shape how the main story develops. Through interactive situations, you will gradually understand the problem. Follow the tracks at the scene and find the killer hiding somewhere in your own way right now.

Collect clues

Collecting clues available at the scene is an indispensable element for a detective game like Murder by Choice. Lots of hidden objects in different areas are waiting for you to collect. Each object will have an important meaning in the process of solving the main character’s case. Of course, they are not placed in conspicuous places so you need to look closely. Sometimes important objects are hidden in different places or placed inside other objects to distract the player. Therefore, if you do not have patience, you may lose this case.

Solve unique mini-games

Unique mini-games are also integrated into Murder by Choice to give players more excitement when solving puzzles. More specifically, you will have to complete mini-games from simple to complex in turn to find an object or clue. The important thing is that the way the mini-games work is completely different so you will always feel excited when facing them. But believe me, once you understand how they work, it will not take you too long to complete.

Beautiful and unique graphics

download murder by choice apk

Murder by Choice possesses vivid and beautiful 3D graphics quality like a movie. Accordingly, all scenes in the game are meticulously designed to make players feel like they are immersed in the main character’s perspective. The dialogue segments as well as the expressions of the characters are also shown extremely clearly on the screen. Overall, the graphics of this game will definitely make you think of the movies of animation studios like Pixar or Paramount. Try the experience to get a better overview right away.

How to install Murder by Choice

Step 1: Click on the link to download the game in this article and please wait a moment for the download to complete.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and wait for it to complete, then you can see the game running on your phone.

Step 3: You can enjoy the game after the login process.

Download Murder by Choice MOD APK for Android

As a detective game, Murder by Choice helps you practice many skills during the experience. Typically, the ability to analyze and connect events to find the truth. The content in the game constantly changes in each stage will definitely make you always have an interesting feeling when enjoying.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Hints


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