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Apollo Justice Ace Attorney APK is an exciting adventure role-playing game. You will join the game as a rookie lawyer. You can accompany the smartest characters to solve all cases and prove your client’s innocence. Cases and quests will lead you through many chapters of the pre-built story. Let’s explore them together.

Note: Many similar games are also available on Modded-1 such as Voodoo Detective and Behind the Frame.

Introduce about Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney – Interactive and adventurous gameplay with 2D design

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

This game belongs to the adventure genre, but in fact, it closely resembles visually interactive games. However, instead of exploring themes of school romance, drama, tragedy, and more, it is a story about lawyers and detectives. A fairly new topic will be enough to engage you in the long journey. And with a friendly anime design, the game promises to be the right choice for every player. Although it is a new game, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is quite appreciated by the fans. With the complete storyline, accessible gameplay, and beautiful design, what could be better?


Joining the game, the player will take on the role of a defense lawyer named Apollo Justice. He is a novice lawyer but has a strong desire to become the best lawyer. His development journey spans several chapters one after another. And he is not alone, many other characters are integrated into the story to support him. The job of the team of lawyers is to defend their clients and prove their innocence. To do this, gamers need to get used to visiting the scene, interrogating witnesses, gathering evidence, and more.

Immerse yourself in defense cases

As the story progresses, gamers will face different cases with increasing difficulty. At the opening stage, they may only need a few minutes to solve a defense case. But later on, complicated cases involving murder, economy, politics, commerce, and more will take up a lot of your time. But regardless of the case, the player also needs to go through two stages, investigation and trial. After completing these two stages, a case can be resolved.

At the investigative stage, players need to perform tasks such as surveying the scene, interviewing witnesses, and collecting forensic evidence. There was a lot of chaos at the scene and inaccuracies in witness testimony. Therefore, gamers must be calm and alert enough to link the evidence together. With convincing evidence, they can gain an advantage in negotiations with the opponent during the trial stage in court. Moreover, at this stage, the player also needs to listen to the testimony of the opponent. Many truths will be revealed through testimony and evidence.

Explore the story and character system

With that said, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney doesn’t let your character adventure alone. He received support from many others. For example, Kristoph Gavin is a defense attorney with many years of experience in the judiciary, so he is a great advisor to Apollo. Besides, Trucy is a mysterious magician with many skills to help collect and detect evidence and is the main character’s assistant. Meanwhile, Klavier Gavin is the main prosecutor who always opposes Apollo in defense cases.

Each character in the game is built with its own appearance and personality. Each also has a mysterious story worth uncovering. The connection between the characters is what creates the coherence in the game’s plot. Through the cases and the exploration of the characters, you will realize many things. The mysteries of the original story are gradually unraveled and come to an end. Can you witness Apollo’s success in his legal career? It is up to your decisions.

Unique anime design on 2D graphics

Imitation game with unique anime animation style. It highlights the modern beauty of the characters in the game. Besides, the game context also changes flexibly through the chapters of the story. The dialogue is well done and the music and voice acting are authentic. So everything is quite perfect to bring the immersive experience to life. But just click on the screen to play and adventure through the exciting episodes of the story. Therefore, anyone can easily access it, especially young people.

New update in Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Version 1.00.03

  • Fixed various system-related issues.

How to install Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Step 1: Click on the link to download the game in this article and please wait a moment for the download to complete.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and wait for it to complete, then you can see the game running on your phone.

Step 3: You can enjoy the game after the login process.

FAQs for Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

1: Who is this game suitable for?

According to content ratings on Google Play, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is suitable for all players aged 3 and up. However, with the gameplay being quite complex and requiring inference, the game is best for players 13+.

2: What device can you play this game on?

The game can run on Android 4.4 and above phones.

3: What does the MOD version of the game have?

Currently, we have not updated the MOD version of the game. Please wait a little longer to download it and enjoy.

Download Apollo Justice Ace Attorney APK for Android

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is a fun and refreshing game, isn’t it? It promises to give you a fascinating role-playing adventure while playing as a young lawyer. You will have the opportunity to interact with the defense case and the work surrounding it. Besides, there are dozens of different characters participating in your story. So there are many interesting and mysterious things to discover here.

Features MOD:

  • Coming Soon


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