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Update OnOctober 10, 2022
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Dark City: Munich APK is an adventure puzzle game with a mystical fantasy setting. It leads you through hidden object puzzles, minigames, and more to uncover clues to strange mysteries. You will play as a genius intellectual detective, researcher, and puzzler. So, how far will you go in this exciting interactive adventure?

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Introduce about Dark City: Munich

Dark City: Munich – Become a great detective and adventurer

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If you are a big fan of mysterious and difficult puzzles, Dark City: Munich is a great game for you. It will take you on a thrilling adventure inspired by tales of witchcraft and magic. So it offers an inspiring fantasy world designed with puzzles and mysteries, keeping you curious to explore. Besides, with a unique classic design, the game promises to impress every gamer. It will give them a real immersive feeling in a colorful fantasy world to explore, adventure, and show detective talent. Everything is ready, so you just have to come here and become a part of them.


The game is set during Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Everything seemed to be going well, but the violent attacks that occurred in succession destroyed everything. Some survivors claim they were caused by werewolves, but is this true? An adventurer overhears this story and is determined to clear things up. So he set out to find Munich and began to decipher the mysterious phenomena in this city. You will become him and must use your wisdom to help this adventurer become a detective. Every mystery will be solved through the chapters and uncover many unexpected truths.

Solve hidden object puzzles

In each chapter of the game, gamers will encounter many assigned tasks. Through these quests, they will gradually delve into the story and become a part of it. Most missions will revolve around hidden object puzzles and mind puzzles, requiring keen observation and analysis. Sometimes, gamers have to find masks, rings, keys, shoes, a stick, and more. These objects have an intimate relationship with each other and with the ensuing puzzles. Therefore, gamers need to keep them to solve new missions.

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Keys can be used to unlock lockers or doors. While the mask and the shoe can reveal someone’s identity. Make good use of what you find to clear up all the mysteries of the story. The game will lead gamers into brutal murder cases attributed to werewolves. Gamers need to prove it’s true or not based on what’s left on the scene, such as blood stains, scratches, bites, and more. The truth about them can help you solve many long-standing questions of the villagers in Dark City: Munich.

Unlock characters and story situations

As the story progresses, the game will gradually unlock new situations. They can meet many new characters, new events, and cases that have never been seen before. Each character will play an important part in the plot and act as a narrator, bringing gamers to new details to gradually solve all mysteries. Besides, you can unlock up to 40 different locations in the fantasy world here. With their classic beauty, they will catch your eye.

In each place, gamers can collect objects to solve new puzzles. Or they can listen to the characters’ lines, visit villages, houses, and more. That’s what gives you valuable materials to write your own adventure story in the game. So you can achieve desirable achievements to challenge your friends on the online leaderboards.

Classic and unique 2D design

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Graphics are a special aspect of Dark City: Munich. It will impress you with its classic 2D design style, highlighting the mysterious magical fantasy world. All images are also very realistic and sharp and the game context changes flexibly depending on the story situation. Character visuals are equally vibrant and each character has a well-thought-out story and dialogue. Besides, the catchy background music is also a factor contributing to the appeal of the game.

How to install Dark City: Munich

Step 1: Click the “Download” link and please wait a few seconds to download Dark City: Munich MOD APK.

Step 2: Install the file and keep your internet connection stable to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game, log in and enjoy it.

Download Dark City: Munich APK for Android

It can be seen that Dark City: Munich is a perfect combination of puzzle, story, and role-playing elements. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating story details where you will be the detective and the adventurer. So, let’s uncover every mystery in the original story, brutal cases, and stories about each character here. Dramatic episodes and captivating music will keep you hooked to play for hours on the phone. Please download the game at the “Download” link here.

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