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Update OnFebruary 6, 2023
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Pass hundreds of levels in Mighty DOOM to defeat the most monstrous bosses and become the hero of humanity. Remember, this is a difficult journey, and you are alone with the gun in hand. So what will you do to win?

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Introduce about Mighty DOOM

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Mighty DOOM is a new game from publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC. It is a side game of DOOM Eternal – The popular first-person shooter game on PC and consoles. As a mobile game, Mighty DOOM has been simplified in many respects, but the gameplay remains the same as the original. So maybe it will disappoint some DOOM Eternal fans. However, to bring a PC game to a mobile platform, things are not that easy and simplicity is necessary for the game to run smoothly on multiple devices.


The player’s task in Mighty DOOM is to fight a variety of monsters in each level. It is not as simple as you might imagine, because the enemies are quite crowded and they are equipped with modern weapons. To overcome them, players need to maintain a certain level of composure and fight with both their skill and experience. Moreover, it is not only offensive, but the player must also pay attention to defense. Lots of red bullets are pointing towards you, find a way to dodge or you will die along the way.

Unlock new itineraries

Each level is an opportunity for players to unlock new journeys. Immediately after winning by destroying all monsters, the player will go to the doorway and enter a new war. There, new challenges are ready for players to conquer. It could be a series of bizarre monsters or even giant Bosses. Whatever it is, be prepared to face and overcome them. I believe you have the courage to be a great robot warrior.

New enemies

In the mobile version, the enemy system of the game has been expanded in number. Currently, it is possible for up to hundreds of different enemies to appear in levels. Not only are the classic Bosses like Baron of Hell, Hell Priest, Cyberdemon, but also the appearance of new species. They are Hell Priest, Mecha Zombie, Revenant, and more. It is a fact that we cannot count all the monsters in Mighty DOOM. In addition to the increasing number, the enemies in this game are also strengthened. They have new and unique abilities a bit more than the original version.

Character upgrade

In the first scenes, don’t expect your hero to be able to fight hard. He can only shoot one at a time and move at a slow speed. Furthermore, the gun can sometimes be jerky and this leads to off-target. However, players need to be patient to go to the next level and upgrade the character’s skills. Each time you level up, the game will give gamers 3 options to upgrade and they can only choose one. That could be attack speed, heal, or increase HP.


Mighty DOOM offers a very simple control system. Specifically, players just need to touch the screen to shoot, touch to move, touch to choose weapons, and upgrade. Therefore, the player does not need to do too many operations on the screen but can still control the fighting character. This is the simplicity of the game compared to the PC and console versions. However, don’t make the move too lightly. As mentioned above, you need to pay attention to the red bullets pointing at you. And the wise move will help you avoid them. If not, you will end your game in no time.


There are many different types of weapons in the Mighty DOOM collection. It includes guns ranging from pistols, laser guns to rifles and rocket guns. In addition, the game also brings great equipment to support the character, including hats, gloves, armor … and more. Go to Inventory and players can see a lot of fun things. But note, they need a lot of money to buy. So, please complete the quests to earn more money or gems to buy as much as you want.


Mighty DOOM can satisfy fans in the above aspects but not with graphics. Most players are disappointed when the graphics platform of this game lags far behind the original version. It has a simple design style, lacks the thorny and power to highlight the gameplay that the game brings. Moreover, the context in the game is designed with light tones, it reduces the intense fighting factor that players expect. However, as we said in the beginning, we can’t ask for more at a mobile game. Meanwhile, Mighty DOOM did quite well. We believe you will gradually develop feelings for it.

How to install Mighty DOOM

Step 1: Download Mighty DOOM (Original APK) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings (Allow apps to access the phone).

Step 3: Install Mighty DOOM_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: The installation takes 30 seconds to complete.

Download Mighty MOD APK for Android

Overall, Mighty DOOM is still a great choice for you right now. Both in terms of gameplay, controls, weapon systems, or graphics, the game is quite good to reproduce as authentically as possible the original version. Fierce battles in the endless journey are waiting for you to conquer today. So what else do you hesitate? Test your skills now with the challenges of Mighty DOOM.

Features MOD:

  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode


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