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Update OnFebruary 2, 2023
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Master the skill of using daggers to fight by joining Kunai Master MOD APK right now. This is a fast-paced bizarre action game. Your task is to control the main character to make precise daggers at the enemy to destroy them as soon as possible. Is being an assassin a simple task?

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Introduce about Kunai Master

Kunai Master – Action game inspired by dagger skills

Kunai Master

Kunai Master is a combination of many different elements that require the player to fully demonstrate combat skills to be able to defeat the enemy. More specifically, you will have to perform attacks, teleport, dodge obstacles, and launch precise dagger skills. Loneliness is reflected in the product from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES.

Accordingly, you will not receive anyone’s help, only one ninja on the screen to help you defeat all enemies in each stage. Not only that, the intense battles with the Boss will make everything much more difficult. Try downloading this game through Google Play to enjoy the feeling of being a true ninja.

Learn all the skills of an assassin

Joining Kunai Master, players will have to take turns to pass different levels with increasing difficulty. Your main goal is to use the available daggers to destroy all enemies at each level, then open new challenges with higher difficulty. More specifically, you will perform assassinations on the enemy through the available daggers.

At the same time, use the character’s skillful fighting skills to reach the enemy more quickly. Besides, pay attention to the surrounding obstacles such as wooden bridges, explosive barrels, darts, shields, and more. They can help you create the most effective attack directions at each level. Prepare yourself to face a variety of powerful enemies, including Bosses with high defense.

Minimalist control mechanism

Basically, the control mechanism in Kunai Master is relatively simple with intuitive touches on the screen. You need to control your ninja character to move skillfully in each stage, thereby launching dagger actions toward enemies to defeat them. All operations in the game are shown through basic swipe gestures. But trust me, it will take you a long time to master everything.

The challenge will increase continuously

In each level, the number of ninjas that you need to kill will increase significantly. Following that is the appearance of powerful Bosses that are more resistant to damage. The special thing is that the villains in Kunai Master appear randomly on many complex terrains.

Therefore, you need to quickly come up with an effective attack strategy for a successful assassination. Wipe out all ninjas in each level to continue to the next challenge in this game. Remember that the challenge will increase with different difficulties, and you do not have too many opportunities to correct mistakes.

Unlock new types of skills

In addition to the usual dagger-throwing skills, Kunai Master also offers a variety of combat skills. You can unlock these skills when you reach a certain level to fight more effectively. It is possible to mention the appearance of a series of skills such as teleportation, Kunai Rain, Fire Kunai, or Dodge. Each skill will have its own characteristics that give you a lot of advantages when fighting.

Typically, Kunai Rain allows the character to launch a series of daggers instead of a regular dagger, or teleporting will help you reach enemies quickly. Moreover, when leveling up, the character’s bonus stats are increasing. Thanks to that, he will become more agile and powerful in uncompromising battles. Of course, the player’s manipulation skill is still the most important factor determining the outcome of each level, so practice continuously.

Simple but extremely attractive 2D graphics

A simple 2D graphic style combined with vivid colors makes this game more comfortable for players during combat. Players will constantly be discovering new maps with different layouts. Thanks to that, you will not feel bored when playing the game for a long time.

Besides, the variety of characters, skills as well as villains will definitely make you feel satisfied. Each movement is also simulated very smoothly and provides a stable experience on many different devices. At the same time, you can also enjoy the vivid sound of the game through the background music along with the sound clips when fighting. Everything is outstandingly displayed.

How to install Kunai Master

Step 1: You need to download the APK or MOD version of Kunai Master officially released by MODDED-1.COM on this website.

Step 2: On your Android phone, allow the game “Kunai Master” to access unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the file and press the Install button available on the screen.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen. Log into the game by clicking on its icon.

FAQs about Kunai Master

1. Is the number of levels in Kunai Master varied?

Of course yes, this game offers players a lot of levels with challenges of increasing difficulty. New levels will be continuously integrated in the next updated versions.

2. Can I change to a weapon other than a dagger?

Unfortunately, Kunai Master focuses on the process of using daggers to fight enemies. You can only use daggers throughout the game, perhaps with a change of new dagger skills.

3: Does this game require an internet connection to play?

No, you can easily experience dagger launching challenges anytime you want in this game.

4: How to get more coins in this game?

You can play the game regularly to get more money, or download the MOD version at our website to get unlimited money.

Download Kunai Master MOD APK for Android

Although released not long ago, Kunai Master has really made many players feel excited with the content it brings. This is an action game that requires high-skill manipulation from the player to be able to complete the available levels. Are you ready to become a dagger master in this game?

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked
  • No Ads


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