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Archery Bastions APK will help you improve your archery skills through intense battles. Join the uncompromising castle battle, you will have to try to destroy all the enemy archers to win. Awaken your archer instinct by enjoying this game now.

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Introduce about Archery Bastions

Archery Bastions – Archery action game in intense wars

Become a commander in Archery Bastions and join the exciting kingdom wars now. This is an action game combined with extremely attractive coordinates archery from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. More specifically, you will have to come up with perfect archery maneuvers to destroy all enemies and destroy their castles.

Archery Bastions

To win is not easy at all, because you will face many different enemies. It can battle against orcs, humans, mages, and even powerful monsters. Don’t worry, you can also upgrade your archers and add strength to the entire army to be ready to defeat them all. Currently, you can download Archery Bastions via Google Play or the APK link below to better understand.

Attractive turn-based archery gameplay

Join Archery Bastions, players will own a large army with the appearance of the best archers. It is important that they will fully obey your commands to perform the most effective archery toward the enemy. The player’s task is simply to align the shooting angle to destroy the most enemies in each turn.

You must not give the enemy many opportunities to shoot back if you do not want to lose the advantage in each fight. Through archery challenges at different ranges, you can test your own aiming and commanding skills. Even if the enemy army is completely overwhelmed, you can still win thanks to your archery skills and how to deploy your forces.

Unlock more powerful arrows

download archery bastions mod

Basically, the player needs to continuously unlock powerful arrows in the shop to optimize the strength of the army. Each type of arrow has its own power, classified by gold coins. This means that the more expensive the arrows, the greater the combat power they bring. You can discover the special skills of these arrows during battle. Examples include the ability to explode which deals massive damage, clones, slows enemies, and more. Just combine well with your precise aiming ability to defeat any opponent.

Various levels and factions

Archery Bastions gives players a lot of archery challenges with continuously increasing difficulty. This means that destroying all enemies is not easy at all in this attractive coordinate archery game. Your enemies are different forces with a powerful army system. It could be Orcs, humans, monsters, and magicians.

Sometimes they even send soldiers to attack your kingdom by land or water. Therefore, be alert in all situations to increase the odds of winning. At the same time, you can arbitrarily arrange fortresses to optimize defense. Typically, the wall and floor sections should be placed close to each other to avoid maximum damage in each battle.

Upgrade the fortress

The fortress in this game represents the defense capabilities of the army. When upgrading the fortress, your defense in battles will also have a certain increase. Moreover, the types of soldiers are also upgraded in number to deal more damage to the enemy with each shot. The appearance of archers in many different positions will help you gain an advantage in the process of fighting the enemy. From there, it is easy to overwhelm the enemy in both quantity and quality.

Characteristic simple graphics

download archery bastions apk

Archery Bastions’ graphic development method is relatively simple with familiar design details. Most of the archers in the game are presented in the traditional stickman style with recognizable details. Comes with an intuitive interface that helps players easily observe important parameters related to their troops in each battle. Besides, the background music emitted during the battle will bring more vividness to the experience.

How to install Archery Bastions

If you have not downloaded any version of Archery Bastions from MODDED-1.COM, please read the instructions below:

Step 1: Download Archery Bastions (Zoom Hack/Unlimited Boms/Coins) via the APK link below the article.

Step 2: Enable the unknown sources for the MOD feature to work.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: Finally, turn on the game and enjoy it.

Download Archery Bastions APK for Android

Show off your archery talents to the edge in intense kingdom wars in Archery Bastions. Of course, you not only show your archery talent but also have to meet a lot of factors if you want to defeat your opponent. Try to win every match to become a talented commander in this game. If you want to increase your winning rate, you can download the MOD version on our website to experience outstanding features.

Features MOD:

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