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Grand Theft Auto V APK is an outstanding action game released by Rockstar Games. Since its launch, the game has achieved great achievements and become extremely popular in the game market GTA.

Note: You can refer to other GTA games like GTA: Chinatown Wars and Los Angeles Crimes.

Introduce about Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V – Mundo de criminales

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With compelling gameplay, beautiful graphics, and authentic, GTA games always make fans excited by the attractiveness that it brings. In this part of Grand Theft Auto V, players will discover and join the underworld of Los Santos – A simulation city of Los Angeles during times of turmoil. The notorious criminals are back again but offer a much more refreshing experience. Therefore, Grand Theft Auto V is something you cannot miss at the moment.


The Grand Theft Auto V was set in 2013 in America and fully reflected the face of its life at the time with the economic crisis, technology trend, and the riot of crime. The law at that time could not seem to suppress the crimes and the violence of the notorious gangsters. Therefore, violence, drugs, illegal racing, robbery, are what you see in this game right from the first experience.

Combination of 3 criminals

In this part of the GTA series, the game revolves around the story of three characters, Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. Michael is a retired professional bank robber but after making deals with the FBI, he comes back once again on his career. Meanwhile, Trevor and Franklin did also not have a pure past when they were involved in raids and bank robberies.

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They once failed, but then they found each other and the difference in their personalities is what connects them to becoming a team. Since then, they have been involved in several major missions, demonstrating opposition to the government and simultaneously destroying other terrifying opponents in the underworld. Therefore, if you are a player who likes to explore the criminal world. Grand Theft Auto V is definitely a name you cannot ignore.

Enjoy the beautiful world in Grand Theft Auto V

The mission system of Grand Theft Auto V is quite diverse and players need to perform every day to complete the story of the game. Sometimes, you have to participate in a bank robbery or simply handle a mediation. However, the special thing is that besides the daily tasks, players can freely do everything in the game without following any rules. You can race at high speed, climb mountains, travel around the city, or directly participate in community activities such as basic services, playing sports.

After each dangerous battle, players can stop anywhere to see the scenery of the city. Each scene in this game is carefully polished in terms of the image. So it is not only a chaotic place but also contains much poetic beauty. The important thing is whether you realize it or not.

Super car update

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Grand Theft Auto V has been updated with many new features compared to the previous version, especially in the vehicle system. Vehicles are integrated with increasing numbers and types, along with the addition of physical effects like in real life. Furthermore, players can completely customize their vehicles with a huge arsenal and accessories.


In addition, players can also record their experience directly in the game. Then, add your favorite music tracks and upload them to YouTube or share them on other social sites via an Internet connection. Another new feature of Grand Theft Auto V is the “Director Mode” mode. With this mode, the game allows you to become a real director by arranging characters, context, time, events, according to your wishes. In general, in addition to the plot mode, players can completely set up a scenario for themselves.

How to install Grand Theft Auto V

Note: To be able to install the original APK version, you need to uninstall Google Play if you installed it earlier.

Step 1: You need to website modded-1.com and search for keyword Grand Theft Auto V and download (Original APK) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: If you use an Android phone, you can install it directly.

Note: For PC emulators, you need to open the emulator, then drag the original APK file into it.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Grand Theft Auto V | MODDED-1”. Then you just need to come in to experience this game.

Download Grand Theft Auto V APK for Android

Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games has always been one of the top-grossing products of all time. Not only has the plot and gameplay appealing, but also possesses excellent graphics quality that not any product of its kind can be achieved. The smooth transition effects and high graphic quality are the strengths. However, this also requires a mobile device high enough to experience smooth enough and not show signs of lag. The current game has received a lot of positive reviews from users. So you should not hesitate to download and experience it now.

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