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Get ready for new shooting wars in Dead Effect 2, a modern fantasy action game. Your mission is to destroy all threats from zombies to robot machines and even special forces on space ships. You can’t survive but leave those things back to the earth. Fight for the life, freedom, and peace of mankind, are you ready to do it?

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Introduce about Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 – Fast-paced shooting war in fantasy space

Dead Effect 2 is a breath of fresh air in the classic FPS series. It is the second installment of the Dead Effect game published by App Holdings. It brings a new and unique style to the increasingly saturated mobile game market, promising surprises that many gamers are looking forward to. The game is well invested in many aspects, from the plot, gameplay to the item systems, weapons, and graphics. Thanks to that, it vividly depicts epic and different survival shooting wars. Maybe, it will soon become a popular place for many gamers, especially longtime fans of FPS and survival genres.

Dead Effect 2

Compared to part 1, this second part has many new and better points. However, it continues the previous story in order to create a seamless connection between the two parts. In addition, the game’s graphics and weapon system have been upgraded. Enemies are also pushed to be stronger and more agile to enhance the drama of the battles. Therefore, this second part promises to satisfy players who have complained about the first part. Join it now to discover the difference.


Dead Effect 2 continues the previous developments of the first part, telling about the war in the spaceship. After leaving the earth, the crews violated the ban, performed crazy experiments, and caused mutations in many individuals. That mutation began to spread to humans and turned most of the crew and special forces into aggressive, bloodthirsty individuals. They frantically attacked others, causing a fierce massacre on the modern spaceship. You wake up from a long hibernation, start to realize everything and join a new battle for survival. You will have to fight all the most terrible threats ever, from bloodthirsty people to special forces and advanced weapon robots.

Fight for life and freedom

So a new war has begun and you are part of it. You cannot leave the ship and leave dangers to humanity and cause a terrible pandemic. So you will stay and fight to resist and destroy them. This is a never-ending battle for your cause of justice and your life and freedom. So pick up your gun and vent your anger on what’s in front of you, whatever it is.

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Gamers can fight with all they have, from melee weapons to guns, crossbows, and more. The enemies are now much more aggressive than the first part, so gamers need a clearer plan to fight them. They need to identify their target and eliminate them one by one before the mobs come close and make it difficult for them. However, depending on the battlefield situation and the type of enemy, gamers should have different ways of dealing with them. Enemies are very diverse, and stronger day by day. Can you knock them all down to escape the ship in health and serenity?

Unlock unique weapons and equipment

To match the diverse enemy system, Dead Effect 2 provides gamers with a range of useful weapons to use in battle. It includes knives, hammers, swords, chainsaws, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, and more. Each type of weapon will be suitable for use in certain situations, such as a gun for long-range shooting, or a knife for close combat. In addition, the game also integrates many modern armor sets to help protect warriors. Try to unlock armor and weapons to ensure a balance between the two elements of attack and defense.

High-end 3D graphics

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Compared to games of the same genre, this game proved to be no less competitive in all aspects, especially graphics. It owns a high-quality 3D graphics platform, realistic design, smooth and vivid combat effects. The game context is described very carefully to create a great fantasy space for every battle. The shooting angles are also quite intuitive and flexible, allowing gamers to observe the entire battlefield from a first-person perspective.

How to install Dead Effect 2

Step 1: Tap on the link below the article to start downloading Dead Effect 2 MOD APK to your device.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button available on the screen to install the game.

Step 3: After the successful installation process, the Dead Effect 2 icon will be displayed on the main screen.

Step 4: Finally, just touch this icon to experience the game instantly.

Download Dead Effect 2 MOD APK for Android

Do not hesitate, Dead Effect 2 will be an interesting destination for you to stop and enjoy the best survival battles. It is a modern and refreshing experience with detailed controls, realistic visuals, and smooth motion. So if you love survival shooting experience join it now to start your fight here.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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