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Update OnJanuary 16, 2023
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Sword Hunter MOD APK is inspired by a mysterious female warrior in modern times. You need to accompany her in the fight to protect the neighborhood from evil thugs. Skilled fighting is the most important factor to help you win the matches you participate in.

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Introduce about Sword Hunter

Sword Hunter – Hack-and-slash game against waves of enemies

The appearance of thugs makes your neighborhood more chaotic than ever. They constantly destroy things around and cause people a lot of trouble. In it, you are also one of those bullied by them, this is the time when you have to practice fighting skills to fight them.

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Join Sword Hunter, you will help the weak girl become a strong warrior with the task of defeating all enemies in the levels. Moreover, the publisher Potato Play also added a variety of upgrade mechanisms to help you easily upgrade the strength of your warriors. Build your strong character in the game by downloading through Google Play or the APK link below this article.

Slash gameplay inspired by the spirit of Samurai

In the first experience, players will immediately notice the characteristics of the Samurai spirit through the main character. You will see exciting chopping and slashing scenes using a katana sword that resembles Japanese martial arts. Here, you will have to show off the heroine’s skillful fighting skills and fight powerful forces along the way.

Besides, Sword Hunter will not provide too many virtual buttons on the experience screen. All you need to do is simply perform simple taps and swipes to launch effective attacks. Over time, virtual skill buttons will appear on the screen for the player to act their combat ability. Try to increase your fighting skills continuously because there are countless locations and enemies that need you to defeat.

Enemies appear continuously

Like most other fighting games, Sword Hunter offers an extremely diverse enemy system with a lot of content that players need to explore. After completing the initial basic levels, the number of enemies will start to increase continuously over time. In some cases, you need to dodge attacks from the opponent, thereby choosing a reasonable position and time to attack if you do not want to be defeated quickly. At the end of each level, you will face powerful Bosses and defeat them to continue the journey in this game.

Use the ultimate skill

The ultimate skill will be a powerful weapon that will help you defeat your enemies in an instant. And you can help your character activate this skill at any time during the match if you have enough mana. The special thing is that the ultimate skill will deal extensive damage and it can help you solve difficult situations quickly. Remember that when using the ultimate skill successfully, the mana bar will go to 0. You need to keep attacking other enemies and wait for the mana bar to recover to continue using this skill.

Equip and upgrade heroes

There are two ways that players can increase the power of their characters in Sword Hunter, that is in and out of the match. During the match, you can use temporary upgrades and the power in each match will significantly change. It’s very simple, that’s because the cards are randomly sent and you can only choose one of three cards in each battle.

If you are lucky, you can choose the right strongest card, thereby changing the character’s appearance and becoming an invincible warrior. On the contrary, increasing the power outside the battle will directly affect the development of the main character. You can equip yourself with high-quality weapons to increase your strength significantly in each match.

Simple cartoon graphics

Sword Hunter brings 2D graphics quality with minimized details on the experience screen. Here, you will observe intense battles with high tempo through different contexts. The combat effect is also very well presented with many different colors shown on the screen. In addition, the details in the game are designed in the style of comics commonly found in the land of cherry blossoms, from the style of dress to the shape of the character. Moreover, vivid sound effects will also contribute to a better experience for players.

How to install Sword Hunter

Please follow these steps to download and install Sword Hunter at Modded-1.com:

Step 1: Click the link at the end of this article to download the Sword Hunter MOD or APK file.

Step 2: Please wait a few seconds for the download to complete, then you can open the downloaded file and select “Install” to start installing the game.

Step 3: It takes less than 1 minute to install, then you can open the game and enjoy it right away.

Download Sword Hunter MOD APK for Android

Sword Hunter is a hack-and-slash action game on the mobile platform. You are the only hero who can defeat the thugs in this cultural neighborhood. Therefore, learn to fight and maximize the power of the main character to carry out the assigned mission.

Features MOD:

  • Free Rewards


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