Cyberpunk Hero 1.1.6 APK + MOD [Menu/Money/One Hit] Download

Azur Interactive Games Limited
Update OnJune 25, 2022
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK is an action RPG game that combines shooting in a modern setting. 3D graphics with vivid effects and a series of customizations and upgrades for superheroes will make you overwhelmed. Play role and fight now to destroy all robots from the smallest to the giant Boss.

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Introduce about Cyberpunk Hero

Cyberpunk Hero – Modern shooting game

Today’s mobile games are making strong strides in many aspects, especially graphics. Pixel or 2D visual styles are gradually being converted to 3D and beyond. Besides, in the context of global digitization, many publishers do not hesitate to bring modern ideas with a combination of technology into games. And one of them is Azur Interactive Games Limited with its latest product – Cyberpunk Hero.

download cyberpunk hero mod apk

This game has a future background when the world is full of conscious robotic machines. Humans are no longer the strongest because technology criminals are gradually invading everywhere. On this backdrop, the game offers beautiful action scenes with vibrant effects, impressive colors, and more. Therefore, it is currently very popular with many mobile gamers and is expected to explode soon.

Become a hunter in the Night City

The night city, where secret bases, underground gangs, gangsters, etc., are gathered, is your battlefield. The player’s opponents in Cyberpunk Hero are robotic machines controlled by the leaders of the gangs. They offer bonuses for the machines to destroy anyone who dares to stand in the way of their illegal activities. So no one dared to approach the Night City, except for the bravest hunters.

Accordingly, you are the chosen hunter heroes. Prepare your guns, ammunition, and modern combat technologies to enter the endless war. Players will take turns to pass the levels, from easy to difficult. They will meet and confront technology robots from small to giant. To unlock the next level, you need to pass the previous level by killing all enemies. Otherwise, you will die on the battlefield and the robots will receive the bounty from their owners.

Move while attacking

The player’s battle will go on continuously until they lose. The goal in each level is to destroy all enemies, collect bonuses, and advance to the next level. Enemies in each level will increase and become stronger. Initially, they may just be small robots and just standstill. But then, the player can encounter larger robots, capable of wielding weapons and having the ability to move to dodge attacks.

To face them, players need to move flexibly to be safe in all situations. But you only need to touch with one finger to swipe across the screen and control the character up, down, left or right. The character will automatically attack the nearest targets, but the damage will be greatest when focusing on one target. Each death of an enemy will leave a few bonus coins. You will have them all at the end of a level.

Upgrade through each level

In Cyberpunk Hero, your character will increasingly evolve through each level thanks to upgrading items. But players can choose the ability to upgrade the character depending on their preferences. For example, upgrade your Max HP, Attack, or Skill. Besides, there are a variety of skins, weapons, and other items available in your store. So gamers can try on super cool armor or advanced weapons before entering the battlefield.

Character system

Currently, Cyberpunk Hero has only 2 main characters, including a male and a female. These characters have different characteristics in terms of skills, attack and defense stats, and the ability to combine weapons, equipment, and items… Besides, the combat effects of the two characters are also different. Because of this, you can alternate between characters to enjoy the unique action in this fascinating fighting game.

Impressive graphics

The quality of 3D graphics has helped Cyberpunk Hero successfully recreate the battlefield in the future context. The images in the game are inspired by advanced weapons such as robots, rocket guns, shotguns, technological armor, etc. They are excellent to display clearly and realistically, helping to bring out the feeling of unprecedented freshness. Besides, the character’s movements are also very smooth, there is almost no delay when controlling. The sound in the game is also quite good with lively and dramatic background music.

How to install Cyberpunk Hero

Step 1: Download Cyberpunk Hero (APK or MOD) version exclusively developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings. Allow the game “Cyberpunk Hero” to access the mobile installer.

Step 3: Open the file Cyberpunk Hero_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Cyberpunk Hero MOD APK for Android

Cyberpunk Hero is a modern role-playing game full of attractive features for every gamer to play anytime on the phone. Although it is quite new, it has quite complete gameplay, visuals, and controls. In addition, the level and upgrade system is extremely diverse, allowing players to experiment with challenging levels with a ruthless array of robot enemies. Start your battle now to eliminate the criminals from the city. Their machines can’t stop you from becoming the ultimate hero or bounty hunter. Are you ready?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplier


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