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Update OnMarch 13, 2023
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Cat Escape APK is an action puzzle game where you have to help the poor cat escape the room. The appearance of guards and available traps will make your escape process much more difficult. What will you do to escape from the rooms in this game?

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Introduce about Cat Escape

Cat Escape – The action puzzle game that helps cats escape attractive

If you are a lover of puzzle games or a cat lover then Cat Escape will be a suitable choice. In the trivia, the player controls a cat and tries to escape from various rooms and levels filled with traps and security guards. Also, it has a lot of other interesting content that has been integrated by the publisher Sunday.gg.

Typically, you can increase the power of the cat, change its appearance, discover many traps, a diverse system of levels, and more. Each level is a house with a different layout, and the increasing difficulty level will surely excite you. Currently, Cat Escape is available on Google Play and the APK link is below. Please download it to accompany this poor cat.

The journey to escape from the rooms

The setting in Cat Escape is mainly rooms with different layouts. Here, the player will try to control his cat to overcome the challenges available in the room to escape. You’ll need to hide from the guards, avoid traps, and find your way to the green door to claim your reward. Each level of the game is a maze of rooms full of obstacles and enemies trying to capture you. Moreover, this game has more than 100 levels available to play with increasing difficulty that will surely make you feel excited.

Simple control system

Even if you are a new player, you can get used to the controls of this game quickly. Accordingly, Cat Escape allows players to navigate the cat moving on the screen through a basic one-touch operation. You just need to touch and swipe your finger to direct the cat to move as you like. At the same time, you also have to pay attention to all the surrounding objects such as traps, guards, and more to move properly. Find your way through laser barriers, hide in cabinets to avoid detection, and more.

Pass hundreds of levels to play

Cat Escape offers hundreds of levels, each designed to make it difficult for the cat to escape. In the beginning, everything is relatively simple when you just need to move lightly to overcome the pursuit of the guards. Later on, every porcelain will become more complex with the appearance of laser barriers, traps, and more guards.

Therefore, players need to move quickly and accurately in each stage to ensure the safety of their cats. Remember that each level has different hiding areas, you need to find the hiding area to avoid the gazes of the guards. You have to really focus during the game because even a small mistake is enough to make you play again from the beginning.

Lots of power-up items

During the escape from the rooms, the player can use a lot of items to increase their power in a short period of time. The uses of these items are quite different and will help you deal with situations more effectively. Typically, cat food will help your cat strengthen and have the ability to knock down walls.

Or a plant cat costume will help your cat dress up as a tree to trick the guards. Besides that, there are guns, portals, buttons, and more. Using them effectively will help you a lot in this escape. After each level, you can also use the rewards you get to unlock new skins for your cat.

Graphics and sounds for comfort

Although it is a fast-paced action game, don’t worry too much when playing Cat Escape. Accordingly, this game possesses graphics and sound that create a high level of comfort when experiencing it. More specifically, you see the game’s graphics are colorful and beautifully designed. It comes with cute and expressive cats and detailed environments that make each level feel unique. In addition, the sounds in the game are also very interesting, which will not disappoint you when experiencing.

How to install Cat Escape

Step 1: Click the link at the bottom of the article to download the APK or MOD version of Cat Escape.

Step 2: Click “Install” to install the game. Before that, enable unknown apps in your device’s settings.

Step 3: Wait for the installation process to complete and the game icon will appear on the main screen. Finally, you need to touch it to start playing.

Download Cat Escape APK for Android

With addictive gameplay, cute cats, colorful graphics, and exciting sounds, it’s no wonder that Cat Escape is loved by many players around the world. Are you ready for a journey out of the rooms from a cat’s perspective? Download the MOD version at our site to unlock all the skins you love.


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