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Forest MOD APK will help you increase your productivity in working and studying effectively. While it’s relatively straightforward to work, the methods in this app will help you tune your focus to the highest level. In this article, let’s learn more about its advantages.

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Introduce about Forest

Forest – The perfect app to increase your practice in all areas

Concentration is an important factor in helping us achieve personal goals as well as achievements in life. However, it is really difficult to get high concentration without being distracted by the surrounding factors. Therefore, you should use an optimal concentration support tool like Forest to increase work performance.

Basically, this application from the publisher Seekrtech uses the Pomodoro method combined with many achievements for users to strive for. You simply stay focused during the countdown. Then, the result will be successfully planted in a complete green tree after many successful concentrations. With over 10 million installs and 4.9 ratings on Google Play, we believe this app will give you memorable experiences.

Why do we often lose focus?

Before we talk about the main features of Forest, we should learn about some of the issues that distract us. The most typical example is the boom of the internet and electronic devices today. The emergence of social networking sites has made many of us addicted, and spend hours every day using them. Or you can simply be dominated by messages, people, and more. In general, there are many factors that make it impossible for us to focus so you need to use an effective aid.

Increase productivity with the Pomodoro method

These days, there are quite a few methods to increase productivity and Pomodoro is one of the most prominent names. The way these methods work is relatively simple, you just need to complete a work period within 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. Then you continue to complete other working periods as you like until the job is completed.

We believe that counting time will help you increase your ability to focus and not be affected by the surrounding factors. The urge for time will help you avoid the appearance of entertainment applications or unimportant messages. Of course, the time to focus on each time of the day will be entirely up to you.

How it works

In the first use, the user will begin to choose the time to work and study. These parameters will affect the number of crops you will plant in the Forest. The longer the concentration-time, the faster the crops will grow significantly. Next is to choose the commitment level, you should start with 50%, then gradually increase to 75% and 100%.

When you choose 100%, you won’t be able to close the app, or switch tabs and not be able to do anything else on your mobile device. If violated, all of your previous crops will wither in an instant. On the contrary, if you successfully complete the set goal, the tree will continue to grow and bring you the desired results. Of course, you also have to persevere in planting trees for a long time to be able to train your concentration.

Soft sound selection

It would be boring when the countdown process in Forest does not have the appearance of gentle zen music. Therefore, this application will provide you with soothing sounds to increase your concentration. However, most of these sounds are locked, and it will take you a long time to unlock your favorite tracks. This is the time when you should use the MOD version at our site to use any sound without paying any fee.

Light and delicate interface

Forest is a simple yet powerful performance improvement app for what it offers. Besides, this application also owns a modern interface, showing lightness and sophistication during use. On the main screen, you will see a countdown timer and a growing crop. This will help you always feel intuitive and always keep your focus when working and studying. Besides, the indicators are also displayed very optimally on the screen, which will certainly not disappoint you.

How to install Forest

Please follow the instructions below to proceed with the installation:

Step 1: Download the Forest version (Premium Unlocked) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click “Install”.

Step 3: The installation process is complete, you just need to touch the Forest icon on the main screen and use it right away.

Note: Once installed, you will unlock all the features in the premium plan.

Download Forest MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to stay focused with the help of Forest? Although developed in a simple timer style, this application will greatly assist you in improving your work and study productivity. Besides, this application also allows you to interact with others to stay focused for a long time.


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