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Update OnNovember 14, 2022
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Typewise Offline Keyboard

Typewise Offline Keyboard APK is an offline version of the Typewise Keyboard application, supporting users to type faster and more accurately on phones. Users can use it to customize the keyboard design, increase the size of the keys and change themes and swipes easily. No need to pay fees and internet connection to use, it’s really great for your typing experience.

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Introduce about Typewise Offline Keyboard

Typewise Offline Keyboard – Lots of features to customize your phone keyboard

If you are bored with the old keyboard design, try using Typewise Offline Keyboard to design your own keyboard. It supports users with many useful features to change the keyboard design and also changes the swiping behavior to make typing faster. Moreover, it supports many popular languages ​​so that most users in the world can use it. Whatever language you write in, you can enjoy the great features of the app, especially the auto-correction feature. In addition, users can lock to secure the keyboard, ensuring safety up to 100%. What else is more interesting? Let’s explore to know more.

Keyboard and swipe interface redesign

The keyboard interface redesign feature is the most important in this app. Why does it focus on that? According to a recent study with more than 37,000 participants, research results show that up to 20% of users make spelling mistakes when using their current keyboard. However, with Typewise Offline Keyboard, it wants to improve the user’s typing to work faster while being more accurate. Therefore, it redesigned the shape of the keys on the keyboard. Instead of a square, the hexagonal design allows for more than 70% of the keys to be larger, making it much easier to type. Therefore, this design helps to reduce more than 80% of typos in typing on phones.

However, this application still offers two options, the traditional keyboard design and the new one. Therefore, users can easily switch between the two layouts depending on their preferences. Besides, they can also change the swiping behavior on the keyboard. Just swipe up to capitalize letters, swipe left to delete, swipe right to restore. Thus, typing is shortened, thereby helping you type faster so you don’t miss a great moment in every conversation.

Security for the keyboard

Why is keyboard security important? Because Typewise Offline Keyboard only wants what you write to be yours. It sucks when someone takes your phone and chats about something you don’t want. So, stop that now with this app’s security feature. Furthermore, it ensures that no input from the user’s keyboard is transmitted to the cloud. It is committed to it to protect the privacy and personalization of its users.

Smart auto-correct

Do you often make mistakes when typing on the phone? Don’t worry, this application will automatically correct mistakes so that users do not have to correct themselves. But it learns what the user types to correct according to the suitable predictions. So it doesn’t frustrate you with pointless automatic corrections. Besides, it also suggests words to choose quickly without typing. That helps users type faster and more accurately.

Support multiple languages

Currently, this application has supported more than 40 different languages ​​to reach the worldwide user community. Specifically, it supports English, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and more. In particular, users do not need to switch between languages ​​while typing. Just select the language you want through the keyboard, then type words quickly without any errors.

Many themes to change the typing space

Typewise Offline Keyboard brings more than 18 different themes to change your phone keyboard. It is unique color themes to highlight the keys and texting space on the phone. Moreover, it also has a dark theme to choose from when you are texting at night. So, enjoying a lot of typing space during the day is no longer a difficult task. Just a few clicks to change, convenient, right?

How to install Typewise Offline Keyboard

Before going to the installation steps, please check and uninstall other versions of Typewise Offline Keyboard on your phone. If there isn’t any version, you can continue with the following steps:

Step 1: Download Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD APK via the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and wait for about a minute for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Click the app icon on your phone to open it and enjoy its amazing features.

Download Typewise Offline Keyboard APK for Android

So, do you need an app to change your keyboard on your phone? Typewise Offline Keyboard is the best choice today for that need of you. Get the app for free here and enjoy the convenient messenger on the new keyboard design without worrying about security and privacy. Moreover, you can customize the keyboard theme or change the light or dark mode as you like. Don’t hesitate, it’s free at Modded-1.

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