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Update OnAugust 1, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers MOD APK is a specialized alarm tool for Android devices. However, it also offers powerful optimization features for alarms to help users make the best choices. In this article, let’s learn more about the functions of this application.

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About Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers – The ultimate support app for alarms

We believe that many of us use alarm apps in our daily life. The main function of these applications is to help people wake up after a night and get ready for a new productive day. But there are also many people who cannot wake up on time despite using alarm tools or apps. They may have health problems or have not been able to change their sleeping habits.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

This is the time when you should use Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers to solve the above situation right away. Basically, this application possesses many outstanding features compared to normal alarm applications. For example, it can play sounds louder than usual, set multiple alarms at once, set small tasks, and more. The publisher Smart Alarm Clock Team has really created an extremely useful alarm application. It has achieved more than 1 million installs along with 4.8 ratings on Google Play.

Great alarm tool

Many people assume that setting alarms every few minutes will ensure they wake up at the right time. But sometimes this method will not work and also make you feel tired when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, using an application created by leading experts like Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers will be a reasonable choice. The developers of this app have collected data from a wide range of users all over the world, thereby creating an amazing alarm that can wake everyone up with just one go.

Accordingly, Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers will not turn on the high volume immediately, but will gradually increase the volume over time. Strong vibrations that repeat continuously at a steady rate ensure that the user can wake up without feeling any discomfort. We can confirm that you will not be able to resume sleep every time this application starts working.

Various alarm options

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers provides many different types of alarms suitable for each specific user. These include one-time alarms, daily alarms, countdown alarms, and more. Moreover, these types of alarms will be set and adjusted according to the different needs of users. As a result, you will easily set up a routine to wake up at the exact time each day through simple customization.

Location identification for each alert type

If you do not want to set alarms at specific intervals, the application’s location recognition feature will be the optimal choice. With this app, you can set some alarm features related to your current location. More specifically, the alarm will automatically turn on or off on the device depending on the user’s current location. Thanks to that, you will not have to customize too much but still ensure a certain efficiency. But first, you need to set up specific information so that the application can recognize it correctly.

Complete the mini-quests

Small tasks integrated into Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers are one of the features that many users love. Its function is to help the user fully awake after waking up from a long sleep. To turn off the alarm, the user is required to complete a series of small tasks through specific instructions on the device screen, including captcha, QR code scanning, selfies, quizzes, and more. After completing small tasks is also when you feel full of energy for a productive day.

User-friendly interface

The interface of Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is really simple and user-friendly. The app offers many basic options on the home screen. You just need to interact with the features you want to use to get started right away. Besides, the powerful personalization capabilities of this app will keep you entertained. You can easily change the app colors, duration, interface layout, and more. Each customization comes with many smaller features to ensure that users can change according to personal preferences.

How to install Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Please follow the instructions below to proceed with the installation:

Step 1: Download Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers (Premium Unlocked) version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on “Install”.

Step 3: The installation process is complete, you just need to touch the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers icon on the main screen and use it right away.

Note: Once installed, you will get unlocked all the features in the premium plan.

Download Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers MOD APK for Android

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is programmed to give users the best alarm-related experience. If you are not really satisfied with the default alarm application on your device, this will be the perfect choice for the time being. Besides, you should download the MOD version at our website to discover the best features of the application completely for free.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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