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Update OnMarch 26, 2023
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The New York Times MOD APK is the mobile version of the famous daily newspaper throughout the United States. With it in hand, you can read newspapers, books, news, listen to podcasts every day on various topics from technology, life, business, and more. Content is unlimited and is always updated every day on your phone.

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Introduce about The New York Times

The New York Times – Quick news updates anytime

The New York Times is an application developed and published directly by The New York Times Company. It is the oldest newspaper in the United States with a reputation and almost the largest number of copies in the world. However, as society becomes more and more modern, reading books and newspapers do not seem to be as popular as before. That’s when the birth of this app, the mobile version of The New York Times. It is expected to bring prosperity back to this newspaper, and at the same time reach a wide audience of readers in a simpler and more convenient way than ever.

This app is trusted by millions of users worldwide. And now, you no longer need to buy books and magazines from The New York Times, but directly view them on your phone. All hot news will be updated continuously every day to bring the whole world to your fingertips. So don’t miss it if you are a lover of watching the news, reading books. It is free for you to download at Modded-1.

Rich content repository with many topics

Although not comparable to the traditional newspaper version of The New York Times, the application still contains an extremely rich content store. It gives users access to news from more than 1700 journalists in more than 160 countries around the world. Besides, the news is categorized into many topics, including business, technology, economy, politics, sports, music, and more. You can even find in-depth reports and analyses in specific areas. All in all, it’s not lacking at all, just afraid you don’t have enough time to explore them all.

Features for you to access news every day:

The Morning: This is the place to find explanations for things that happened in your sleep. It will summarize events, news accurately, helping you access all information quickly before starting your working hours.

Live Briefing: A summary of events in a specific area with expert reviews and in-depth analysis. Having this in hand, you will easily catch breaking news without having to search for many other news sources.

For You: This is where The New York Times has listed articles, games, news on users’ favorite topics. Visit it to relax and immerse yourself in the curated world, with no extraneous things. It will save users a lot of time searching for the news they like.

Podcasts: If you’re too busy to read the news, you can listen to podcasts from “The Daily”, “The Ezra Klein Show” and more. They can be driving while listening to podcasts on their way to work in the morning or on their way home.

Play crossword game

This is the indispensable list of The New York Times. It is not surprising that the crossword game is still put on the mobile newspaper version. Here you will enjoy useful crossword puzzles to test your knowledge. You can save the game results and stop at any time, then visit again and continue your puzzle. Playing crosswords on the phone seems to become a lot more convenient than playing in the newspaper, doesn’t it?

Share news with friends

Express your opinion on any news or events in the world and bring them out to discuss with your friends. It is very easy to share articles, images, and videos in this application with your social networking sites or private chat applications. So, spread the hottest information so everyone knows. Now, sharing news no longer has the problem of geographical distance.

How to install The New York Times

Step 1: Uninstall Google Play and original APK if you installed it before. Then proceed to install our MOD version.

Step 2: Visit the Modded-1.com website, search for the keyword The New York Times and download the MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 3: Allow an unknown app to install on your device. Start installing the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.

Step 4: The icon of the application will appear with the words “The New York Times by MODDED-1”. Then you just need to enter to experience this application.

Download The New York Times MOD APK for Android

Don’t miss out on breaking news and events around the world when you’ve got The New York Times. This is the app for you to access and see all the news from thousands of journalists around the world. No more worrying about missing any events, or having to spend money to buy newspapers anymore. It only takes a few simple steps to download the application to your device, then access the available features to watch newspapers, books, news, or listen to podcasts. Whatever theme you like, you can easily find it here. Fill your spiritual world with a wide range of news on dozens of topics. It is very easy to become a news expert.


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