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Loudplay APK is an effective solution to help players enjoy PC games right on their mobile devices. More specifically, you do not need to own a device with a high-end configuration to still be able to play the most attractive games today. Why can this application do this? Let’s find out through the article below.

Note: You can also refer to some similar applications such as Vortex Cloud Gaming or Octopus.

About Loudplay

Loudplay – Cloud technology, streaming games directly to your device

Loudplay is from LOUDPLAY GLOBAL LIMITED has a completely special operation and features compared to other products on the market today. Accordingly, this application integrates cloud technology, one of the technologies that are considered for the future and are not yet too popular. We will talk more about this technology below the article.

download loudplay apk

Loudplay allows players to enjoy PC games right on mobile devices thanks to cloud technology. As a result, your device will have access to a cloud computer to stream the game to the device. Therefore, the games will be downloaded to your device via an internet connection. A special feature is that the game data will completely disappear after each game to help save memory space on the device. Currently, you can download this application to your device via Google Play or the APK link below the article to use immediately.

What is cloud technology?

Cloud technology, also known as Cloud Computing, is a model of providing computing resources to users through the internet. These types of resources are quite diverse. They can be software, games, services, or hardware, and will be integrated into virtual servers. Therefore, users can use them right on the virtual server at any time and anywhere with just the internet.

Although it is a breakthrough technology, its availability has not received much attention. Most people think that cloud technology consumes a lot of hardware and costs a lot to operate and maintain.

Play any game you like

With Loudplay, users will easily access a virtual server in the cloud and experience any game they like. Whether popular games on PC like PUBG Mobile, GTA 5, or any name are available to play at this app. What’s more special is that everything is optimized specifically for the mobile platform to help users feel more convenient when playing.

download loudplay mod apk

In the app, users just need to download their favorite game and play it on mobile instantly. Unlike other Cloud Gaming services, Loudplay will help improve the hardware system of mobile devices without any limitations. More specifically, you can play the best games without having to own a high-end device. In addition, this application is compatible with gamepads and plug-in joysticks for easier control.

Data storage system

All games or applications through Loudplay will be stored on the server’s cloud system. So they will be available on the next login to save users more time. However, the storage time for these data will vary from time to time, and depending on the number of users who need space allocation. Don’t worry too much, because the publisher will send a notice before they decide to delete any of your data.

Transfer images to devices with large screens

Not only supporting mobile gaming, but Loudplay also allows users to transmit visual content to larger screens. Typically, via Android-TV, Smart-TV, or HDMI converter cable, your experience is always at its best. Of course, the conversion method is also simple and anyone can easily convert through a few easy steps. In addition to mobile devices, this application also works stably on PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Requirements for internet connection

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Although it does not require too much hardware, users need to ensure that their device has a stable internet connection. Currently, Loudplay requires your device to have a 5GHz Wi-Fi network connection to be able to play the game smoothly. Besides, the operation of this application is relatively simple. After successfully installing the application on your device, you need to create an account and activate the free plan or purchase a specific plan. Finally, restart your cloud and start playing the games you love.

How to install Loudplay

Step 1: Download Loudplay (MOD Free Subscription) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Open unknown settings on an Android device. Allow the “Loudplay” app to access the mobile installer.

Step 3: Open Loudplay_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the Loudplay installation.

Summary of 5 games you can experience on Loudplay

Download Loudplay APK for Android

If you are looking to experience the best games at the moment but the device configuration is not enough to meet, then Loudplay will be an extremely effective solution. This application will help users’ entertainment, learning and working need always good thanks to advanced cloud technology. Although only available on Google Play, this application has already achieved more than 100 thousand installs. Hopefully, in the near future, it has new features to make it a globalized and multi-user application.

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