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MD.emu MOD APK is a popular emulator on the mobile platform where you can enjoy popular SEGA games at any time. Basically, this game simulates all the games released on the previous Sega Genesis system and comes with many other outstanding features. You should first refer to this article to better understand the application.

Note: You can also find some other emulators on our website like Citra Emulator or DraStic DS Emulator.

Introduce about MD.emu

MD.emu – Emulator that emulates all games on Sega Genesis

Previously, we firmly believe that you will know about the arrival of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Both of these systems bring a lot of attractive games with many different genres to help players entertain according to their needs. Although Sega Genesis has been a bit underwhelming compared to the development of the competition, we believe that there are many players who want to explore these games again.

Therefore, the appearance of MD.emu will help those who love the Sega Genesis system have the opportunity to rediscover their childhood. Basically, this is an open-source project from publisher Robert Broglia. They have made the application compatible with all Sega platforms and added some convenient features for the mobile experience. Currently, you need to pay a fee of $4.99 for each MD.emu download through Google Play.

Fast installation and experience

One of the first highlights of MD.emu is the ability to install quickly and does not require any complicated operations from the user. The installation method is very simple. You just need to move the game files to the specified items so that this application can recognize them. Then, the available algorithms will automatically insert the game into the system without any manipulation from the user. Thanks to that, you can enjoy any game you love through this application.

Intuitive control mechanism

The control mechanism of the games in MD.emu will be simulated like the previous Sega systems. Accordingly, the main screen will turn into a virtual controller along with the visual elements of the game. The important thing is that this application allows users to freely customize some elements to get the most perfect experience layout. Of course, the original console will still be the best choice, but we respect the possibility of personalization from users.

Connect a gamepad to increase the experience

The gamepad is one of the indispensable devices for users who want to increase the quality of the experience. MD.emu understands this. So this application is compatible with many different gamepads to help users connect according to their needs. Besides, you can also connect with friends on LAN and enjoy legendary games together. This will make the game process much more lively and attractive than playing alone.

Improved graphics quality

As mentioned, Sega was born a long time ago, so the graphics quality of the games in this system will not be comparable to the current products on the game market. Using MD.emu, you can also enhance the graphics or colors of your games to make things come to life. After successful customization, all frames in the game achieve high stability to help you have the most optimal experience moments.

Supports multiple Sega platforms

MD.emu is compatible with a wide range of Sega platforms, even the early systems from a few decades ago. There are a number of systems such as Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CN or Master System/Mark III, and more. Thanks to that, you can easily access all the old generation games from the Sega-Genesis console without too much difficulty. Besides, this application is also compatible with many file formats such as .bin, .smd, .gen, and .sms, so that users can choose compression easily.

Simple interface, powerful customization support

Minimalist interface is one of the important factors that help MD.emu receive the love of many users. Key features like limited audio delay, gamepad support and more are all built into the home screen. Therefore, you only need to perform a few simple steps to enjoy any of your favorite games. We believe this app will reach a wide audience of players, even if you are a new user.

How to install MD.emu

Step 1: Download the MOD (PAID/Patched) version of MD.emu at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open the online security option inside device settings then allow installation of unknown apps.

Step 3: Open the file MD.emu_MOD_modded-1.com. Click Install.

Step 4: Click on the icon available on the screen and immediately use this application.

Download MD.emu MOD APK for Android

If you want to emulate past Sega games, then MD.emu will be a choice not to be missed. This is an emulator with many powerful features that promise to bring you unforgettable experiences. Remember that this is a paid application, so its features will be more advanced than those of regular emulator applications. If you want to save this fee, download the MOD version that we provide below this article.

Features MOD:

  • Extra, AD-Free


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