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Grand Theft Auto IV APK is one of the products in the open-world adventure series released by Rockstar Games on the mobile platform. Although possessing familiar content, will take you on a new journey with the task of looting the streets extremely breathtaking. Download the APK version of Grand Theft Auto IV, to experience the exclusive GTA masterpiece from MODDED-1.

Introduce about Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV – The most popular GTA super product in 2021

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Among GTA games like Grand Theft Auto V or GTA: Chinatown Wars. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful versions of this popular role-playing game series. Not to mention gameplay, new innovations in the story, characters, and graphics of Grand Theft Auto V have really made it dominate the DSA game market since its launch. It can be said that this game successfully simulated the context of American cities at the time with the rebellion of illegal actions such as robbery, smuggling, fighting, horse racing, gambling. Through that, it allows players to immerse themselves in the diverse open world and participate in a multitude of activities without following any rules.


Grand Theft Auto IV is a game with a combination of many popular genres such as role-playing, action, racing, shooting. The game also has an extremely multi-task system for players to explore in the long run. With the plot of this game, gamers will become a criminal leading the city for a reluctant reason. You have to do a lot of things from forming gangs, controlling streets, even robbing, racing, killing.

Quest System

The game’s quest system will lead you to different locations, meet characters, get open contracts, and discover new stories. Have you ever thought of becoming a mafia? If not, this is an opportunity for you to experience unforgettable moments in your life. Besides completing tasks, players can also ignore them and spend time on personal things.

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You can spend a lot of time driving around the city, watching the sunset, sightseeing. If you are a naughty person, you can steal expensive cars, hit people, or tease the police. As long as it’s fun, players can do everything in GTA 4 Mobile. Of course, gamers can take the consequences but that shouldn’t be a problem for a mafia boss of the city, right?

Expand area

The war between gangsters is common in the underworld. Its purpose is to scramble the area of ​​activity and gain economic benefits from illegal activities. The battle will begin when players enter the territory of another gang and kill 3 of their enemies. If you can survive the war, that area will be yours. Although this is very violent, it happens fairly among all players.

Vehicle system

If you’ve ever played GTA 3, you’ll notice a major change in the vehicle system. It has added quite a few new vehicles and special custom features. Players can own any kind of car they love from bicycles, ships, trailers, cars, to aircraft, helicopters. Most vehicles can be upgraded or changed in terms of appearance including car paint, rims, chassis, shock absorbers, sound rigs. In general, with the extremely rich racing system, Grand Theft Auto IV is no different from a typical racing game.

Join many activities

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To make their experience more attractive, players can go out and participate in some community activities such as playing basketball, billiards, horse racing, playing cards, eating, attending parties. Besides, theft or beating people is also one of the common activities of a criminal. You can steal a car or break into a house to steal valuables. Well, you can say this is a quick way to make money for criminals, right?

Cooperate with other players

One of the outstanding features of Grand Theft Auto IV is that it allows players to cooperate with another friend while participating in the game. Therefore, you can interact with other players to conduct a conquest by car or jogging. However, this is only limited to areas where the two people’s markers appear on the map. Besides, this is also the first version to allow gamers to be able to swim and climb the wall. If you want to know what they look like, join the game to explore.

Graphics have been upgraded

The quality of graphics has always been one of the most prominent features of the GTA. The game’s graphics are built on a high-resolution 3D platform, which produces fairly sharp and realistic images. From character to context, it is vividly modeled, contributing to an ever more realistic open world.

Besides, I want to mention the sound aspect of Grand Theft Auto IV because it has been greatly improved. Sounds from motor vehicles, cars or jets are quite impressive, along with that, gunfire and other weapons are also described like action movies. In particular, you definitely will not forget the vibrant melodies from the music tracks of the American music movement in the 90s.

How to install Grand Theft Auto IV

Step 1: You need to visit the modded-1.com blog, then search for the keyword GTA 4 Mobile (Grand Theft Auto IV) and download the original APK version at the end of the article.

Step 2: Transfer the file to your phone or tablet, if you downloaded the installer on your computer.

Note: With your phone, you just need to go to the normal settings like the other devices. For PC, you need an Android emulator (Nox Player, Droid4X, BlueStacks,…).

Step 3: To launch GTA 4 Mobile for mobile devices, you need to allow an unknown source to use an Android device.

Note: The game installation process will take about 1 minute, depending on your device connection and speed. Here we have integrated the OBB file, you don’t have to spend time moving the ZIP file.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, the screen will display the icon and the words “GTA 4 Mobile by MODDED-1”. You just need to enter the game to experience the extremely attractive city robberies.

Download Grand Theft Auto IV APK for Android

Grand Theft Auto IV will surely make fans excited with highly entertaining gameplay, interesting storylines, and extremely impressive graphics. This is a place for players to enjoy doing illegal things such as drug trafficking, fighting, stealing, which seem to be not allowed in real life. Therefore, this will certainly be a new but no less authentic experience. Moreover, this game is available on mobile, and support for both platforms is Android and IOS.

MOD Features:

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Note: The latest version of Grand Theft Auto IV is currently supported in all countries around the world. Therefore, you absolutely can experience this version anywhere.


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