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Update OnMay 16, 2022
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The name says it all, This Is the President APK allows players to transform into a powerful president of the United States. You have just been elected president in 2020, which comes with a lot of power and a direct impact on the world. Can you become a respected president?

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Introduce about This Is the President

This Is the President – Play as a powerful and dark president

This Is the President is a strategy game with an interactive element in which you will become a newly inaugurated president. However, things are not so simple because your past is quite murky with illegal business cases. With the power of the president, you need to do everything to cover up the crimes you have committed in the past.

This Is the President

Of course, this will make many leaders suspicious and ready to make you lose your position immediately. Do everything purposefully, without rushing to avoid objections from others. Basically, this is a completely new product from the publisher HandyGames that promises to bring you interesting experiences. Download it through Google Play or at our website to find out.

Solve past problems

Although you are a powerful president, you need to solve a lot of problems in the past if you do not want to affect your interests. First, you’ll learn how to manage low-level leaders and deal with emerging problems in the White House. Besides, you also have to confront foreign competitors, media, and more.

We believe that the higher the position, the more problems will arise. Your actions will sometimes create bad situations, affecting the country. But you need to do everything you can to erase the problems of the past. With just a few bad decisions in a row, your presidency could be gone.

Experience engaging interactive situations

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The mix of different elements makes This Is the President more interesting than ever. In the game, the player will have to constantly make the best choices in each situation to develop the main character’s story. This operation is quite similar to a point-and-shoot visual novel game. So it won’t take you too long to get used to it. Accordingly, each of your choices will lead the story unfolding in the game in a good or bad direction. Therefore, think carefully before making a choice in this game.

Complete daily tasks

As the most powerful president in the world, players need to go through a lot of different jobs every day to make sure everything is under control. Typically holding speeches, drafting executive orders, holding press conferences, posting daily tweets, and more. You need to make sure you can get the job done better than any previous president. Will you end your presidency according to your own wishes and goals or will you be dominated by other forces?

Resolving backlog consequences

We believe that there are many things that a powerful president cannot participate in because it will directly affect security as well as global development. Therefore, you can hire a team of assassins, minions, or anyone else to complete the outstanding work.

First, you should remind them to perform their duties by legal methods, avoiding compromising security. If things get out of control, you should order the implementation of illegal methods to achieve your goals as soon as possible. Everything in This Is the President happens your way, so don’t be dominated by anyone if you want to be a powerful president.

Beautiful graphics, many details

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The way the graphics are developed in This Is the President really makes us feel extremely impressed with what it brings. This game is designed with beautiful graphics, many details appear on the screen for players to freely manipulate. You just need to touch any icon you want so that the main character can perform the corresponding actions. Moreover, the interface is also arranged very reasonably. It helps players not to have too many difficulties in accessing right from the first time.

How to install This Is the President

Step 1: Simply click the “Download” link to get the APK file of This Is the President at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Turn on the “install from unknown sources” feature in the “settings” of your phone. It allows you to install the downloaded APK file.

Step 3: Install the file and wait until it’s done.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy the exciting situations of being president.

Download This Is the President APK for Android

This Is the President is a rather daring political-themed game, where players will become a president with many problems to solve. You need to make the most of your power to create one of the most successful presidential terms in American history. Accordingly, you will experience a lot of different situations, including interesting interactive questions and wrong answers. They make you face a lot of difficulties to solve.

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