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Update OnJanuary 16, 2023
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It’s time for you to fulfill your mission in Broyalty APK. It is to participate in the endless wars of thrones and power in the Middle Ages. This is a game that combines many elements, typically base building, PvP and PvE combat, resource management, and more that you should not miss.

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Introduce about Broyalty

Broyalty – Castlevania style defense strategy game

Broyalty is set in the Middle Ages, a time when you will become a talented king with a mission to protect and develop your kingdom to a new level. Of course, there will be a lot of enemies appearing, and you need to plan the most effective defense or attack to overcome all difficulties.


Basically, this game is a combination of many different elements from Clash of Clans or Fallout Shelter that will surely bring you many interesting experiences. At the same time, the publisher Starkit Studio LLC also provides new content to make this game more complete. You should try downloading Broyalty through Google Play to fully enjoy the compelling strategy element it has to offer.

Build your strong castle

A solid castle will help you develop your kingdom faster than other opponents. Castle in Broyalty is a collection of many rooms with completely different roles such as the throne room, kitchen, treasury, gold vault, Garrison, training room, living room, defense, and more.

Each room will help your castle defend or produce some kind of resource. For example, the training room has the role of upgrading the military’s strength and the kitchen is the place to prepare food for residents throughout the kingdom. In general, you need to consult the details of each room to be able to build and upgrade them on schedule. Upgrade the rooms to the maximum level to develop the inter-kingdom to new heights.

Take advantage of resources from residents

In Broyalty, players will have to take advantage of resources from residents to help the kingdom grow. People will keep coming to your kingdom as long as they feel comfortable and safe. Of course, they needed to work to ensure that the kingdom’s development went on schedule. Your task is to assign work to each citizen to suit their profession.

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It could be a cook, a carpenter, a treasurer, an alchemist, or even a member of the military. When leveling up, the player will get more residents. The star level of each resident is also very important. The resident with the highest star level of 4 will have better performance than the rest. Besides, a Male and Female resident can give birth in the Living Room of the castle. The baby after birth will need some time to mature before assigning them to different rooms.

Create effective strategies for battles

Before each battle, Broyalty allows the player to observe the strength of the enemy and the strength of his army. To increase your win rate, you should look for enemies with lower combat stats than your army to avoid wasting resources. In addition, the player also has to upgrade the army regularly as well as provide the most suitable weapons for each soldier. These include warriors using axes as weapons, assassins using knives, archers using bows, and more.

Join PvP or PvE battles

Broyalty gives players two battle options to participate in, PvP and PvE. Each mode has its own unique challenges that require you to make the most of your talents to win. If you want to learn about the main story, you should join the PvE battles. In contrast, PvP battles are more competitive as you will have to face other opponents around the world. Like Clash of Clans, players can loot resources and bring back their kingdom if they defeat an opponent’s castle.

Efficient resource management

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Like other strategy games, players will have to manage their resources effectively. Accordingly, Broyalty provides a lot of different resources that require you to consult carefully to use them most effectively. They can be gold, food, mana, emeralds, and chests. Each resource will have a completely different role to help you develop your kingdom to the next level. For example, gold will help upgrade the rooms in the castle or food used to ensure the best condition for the inhabitants as well as the army system.

How to install Broyalty

To get Broyalty MOD APK at Modded-1, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the link in the article to switch pages, then wait a few seconds for the “Download” button to appear. Click on it to start downloading the APK file.

Step 2: Enable “install unknown sources” in “settings” on your phone.

Step 3: Install the downloaded file and enjoy the game once the installation is complete.

Download Broyalty APK for Android

Broyalty is ready to bring you exciting battles with extreme tactics. Developing a strategy and becoming a talented king is what you need to do in this game. Don’t forget to build a strong army against all other opponents in the world.

Features MOD:

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