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Stick War 3 APK is the sequel to the hit series Stick War. Join it now to become a strategist in new scenarios and meet many new online opponents.

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Introduce about Stick War 3

Stick War 3 – New super product for Stickman-style fans

Perhaps you are no stranger to the Stick War game series that once caused a fever on the mobile game market and many other platforms. And here’s the good news for you, Stick War 3 – the latest installment in the series is coming to Google Play. It will continue your story with new maps and a super fun new character system. So you will meet again with strong and diverse stickman warriors from mages to archers, warriors, supporters, and more. Besides, many new maps have appeared with unique contexts. Don’t miss them to enjoy the most vivid strategic battles in a new way.

Stick War 3

Currently, you can get the pre-registered version of the game on Google Play. But you can also download the MOD APK version of Stick War 3 right at the end of this article to play it right now.

Impressive online idle battles

Coming to Stick War 3, players will have the opportunity to participate in the best strategic battles to confront online gamers. They can choose a single-player or 2v2 team mode to play in different ways. With a single mode, they will play against another opponent randomly arranged from the game or against the AI. And their mission is to form the stickman squad and bring it to the live match. Battles can be automated or controlled by the player. So, set up the battle mode before entering this exciting battle.

The wars are limitless and players can join them at any time. To get ready for the battles, players will choose different stickman characters in the squad. They will automatically go to battle and the player can control any unit. But it’s not a turn-based battle, meaning the player and the opponent will attack continuously until the opponent’s castle is captured. Winning will bring a lot of loot, including gold coins, items, and experience points.

Diverse character system

Like the previous two parts, Stick War 3 gives gamers a super diverse character class system. In it, it is possible to mention typical character classes such as archers, miners, healers, kings, mage. Each character class will have different advantages and disadvantages, deciding their advantages over the battlefield. Besides, the character’s skill effects are also different, bringing different and unique feelings. For example, archers will attack with bows, mages will have staffs with interesting magical skills, warriors will hold knives.

download stick war 3 apk

In battle, each character when summoned will promote their ability through the player’s control. With the archer, the player controls how he moves and shoots. Meanwhile, the mage will have skills such as creating a giant bubble to cover the bullets from the enemy or “Snow Squall” to freeze the entire legion. Also, with the warrior, he will always attack. melee attack, while the support stickman will have the task of restoring HP to allies. Stickman heroes will combine together or be called in turn to join the battle. Depending on the strategy of the gamer, the course of the battle will be different, thereby determining the outcome.

Unique game mode

Currently, Stick War 3 has 3 main game modes, including campaign, tournament, and zombies. The campaign mode will be suitable for new players, including battles with AI. Meanwhile, the tournament mode will be a playground for confrontations between online gamers. Achievement points will be accumulated on the leaderboard. In addition, in zombies mode, players will fight with a large army of zombies. Their mission is to try to survive on a dangerous night.

Characteristic simple graphics

download stick war 3 mod

Like its predecessors, Stick War 3 has a simple stickman graphic style. However, this game has more maps with scenes such as desert, hills, seaside, glacial. Besides, the game also has more unique skins to customize for your army. The combat effects and skills are also vividly described, making every match more exciting than ever. In addition, the sound is also quite great, contributing to endless inspiration for gamers.

How to install Stick War 3

Step 1: Download Stick War 3 MOD APK via the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Go to “settings” and allow unknown installation (allow files from sources other than Google Play to be installed on your device).

Step 3: Select the downloaded file and install it. Please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 4: Open the game and play it now.

FAQs about Stick War 3

1: Is this game similar to previous versions of Stick War?

In fact, players will still enjoy engaging tactical battles through skilled stickmans. At the same time, the appearance of new maps and completely new character system.

2: Does Stick War 3 require an internet connection to play?

Most of the content in Stick War 3 does not require an internet connection to enjoy. But if participating in tournament mode, you are required to have an internet connection to face online opponents.

3: How to increase the winning rate in this game?

Besides the right tactics, you should download the MOD version at our website to enjoy the best features and advantages in battles.

Download Stick War 3 APK for Android

Stick War 3 will be super fun and a new experience for the fans of Stick War. This is your chance to prove your strategic skills and experience in intense strategic battles. Gather armies of different classes and send them to the battlefield across a variety of new unique settings. You should know how to diversify your squad to surprise your opponents and win a high position on the leaderboard.

Features MOD:

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