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Update OnMarch 13, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Your strategic thinking will be shown to the fullest extent when experiencing State.io MOD APK. This is a multiplayer strategy game where you will have to come up with great strategies to conquer the lands of different opponents. In this article, let’s learn more about the interesting points of this game.

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Introduce about State.io

State.io – Strategy game inspired by control and expansion of territory

The attraction of State.io comes from many different factors, typically the battles for the territory of players around the world. Join the game, you need to command an army with the goal of capturing all countries on the map to win. After each level, you will receive certain rewards for the development of your army and be ready for the next battle. Moreover, this is also a product from the famous CASUAL AZUR GAMES publisher. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when it has achieved more than 10 million installs to date.

The war for territory

As mentioned, the main story in State.io is about the war for territory between countries around the world. Accordingly, each player will represent a land shown in different colors for easy identification. The approach of this game is also quite easy to understand. It only includes a single map so that players can observe and come up with the most suitable tactics.

Basically, everything goes very smoothly, there is no physical war or the appearance of powerful warriors. The battles take place in the form of colorful circles, representing the military systems of the countries. This is the time when you need to evaluate the situation and the relationship of forces between countries to make the most optimal military decisions. The more territories you capture, the more powerful your army will be and vice versa.

The strategic factor determines the outcome

The sole goal of all players in State.io is to capture as much territory as possible. So the competition will be pushed to a high level when there are many opponents ready to destroy your army with the ultimate strategy. Accordingly, players will be able to observe the military situation from the top down. You will see the war zones through the number of colors appearing on the screen.

To capture a certain land, the player must bring in an army that is larger than the number of the enemy’s army. The number of dispatches in State.io is unlimited, so you can simultaneously execute multiple attack plans towards the enemy. However, pay attention to the enemies around, because if your army moves out of any area, it is time for them to attack and take command in that area. Remember that the key to winning in this war simulation game is strategy, not strength.

Play online and offline

State.io allows players to enjoy tactical battles through online and offline modes. If you are a new player, try your hand at the offline mode and try to beat the AI ​​system. The special thing is that the AI ​​system in the game is very smart. All the colorful countries on the map will attack in many different ways and it is difficult to predict.

If you do not show the ability to deal with specific situations, you will be cornered at any time. Besides, you can also join the online mode to compete with other opponents around the world. No matter which game mode you choose, you must use your calculation and strategic thinking to win in the end.

Upgrade army strength

Not only stopping at highly tactical battles, but State.io also allows players to upgrade the strength of the army. You can use the bonuses received after each fight to make the appropriate upgrade. There are three stats that you need to pay attention to when enjoying this game that is the number of troops starting, production time, and the amount of money received when offline. Therefore, you can make the right upgrade decisions to keep everything optimal.

Simple graphics

The graphic simplicity is also a factor that makes State.io more suitable for a wider range of players. All the details that appear in this game are designed to be minimalist, simply colorful round dots appearing on the screen. Besides, there are also some symbols such as circles, squares, flowers, crowns, and more. They represent symbols of countries so that they can be easily distinguished by users.

How to install State.io

Step 1: Download State.io (Original APK or MOD) at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your mobile device to allow app access.

Step 3: Install the file State.io_MOD_modded-1.com.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. Click the icon to experience the game right away.

Download State.io MOD APK for Android

Overall, State.io is an attractive strategy game with many factors to attract players. You will immediately participate in the war for territory with good opponents. Just one small wrong decision is enough to blow your country away in an instant. In addition, the MOD version at our site will help you increase your winning rate.


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