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Update OnDecember 1, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Those who like tower defense games with a post-apocalyptic zombies scene should try Camp Defense now. Build a squad of many unique character classes to participate in levels to fight hundreds of crazy zombies. Are you ready for that?

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Introduce about Camp Defense

Camp Defense – Cruel but super funny tower defense game

The tower defense genre is probably no stranger to all of our gamers. But it’s even better with the zombie context. And you can find that experience in Camp Defense, a game from the publisher stereo7 games. The game is built on strategic gameplay that incorporates a post-apocalyptic world, a very popular theme ever.

Camp Defense

It has more than 1000 levels for gamers to explore thousands of battles with difficulty increasing steadily over time. Contrary to the brutality of the wars, the game’s visual style is quite fun and a bit humorous. Moreover, the gore scene is also minimized, but the sound and combat effects are very vivid. Thanks to that, the game still retains the necessary appeal of the zombie game, while making it easy for anyone to access the game with a friendly and fun appearance.

Defend your base against waves of zombies

The player’s task in Camp Defense is to build an army to protect his base and city against powerful attacks from zombies. They will do that by recruiting unique heroes from a collection of hundreds of options. After selecting the hero, put it in the squad, upgrade, and ready to go to battle. Click “Fight” to fight now and you will face dozens of zombies on a 2D scene. At this point, there is no need to do much, gamers just need to sit there and watch the match take place. Occasionally tap to use special skills and select targets to destroy.

So, it can be said, this is an idle tower defense experience. Gamers do not need to control each character in the match because they can automatically attack. This mechanism is quite similar to Plants vs. Zombies, the typical zombies fighting game. Thanks to that, anyone can play and operate with one hand on the screen conveniently.

Character system

The most impressive highlight of the game is here. The character system in the game includes many classes, typically gunner, hunter, tanker, and more. The characters are not divided into obvious classes, but each one looks. Some use guns, some use bows, some specialize in cannons. Besides, each person’s skills and strengths are also different. Some people stand still to shoot, while many others rush to confront zombies directly. Thanks to that, gamers have a lot of options to create a squad. But it is best to ensure both attack and defense. That way you can fight for a long time and survive until you win.

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Characters will be increasingly diverse according to the level system. Gamers can unlock more new characters with gold coins, or even diamonds. Characters also have levels, from common to rare. The higher the level, the stronger the character, characterized by the stats of strength, health, skills, and more.

Level system and upgrade

The game includes more than 1000 levels for gamers to enjoy playing and exploring. The first 10 levels are the easiest because the opponents are few and weak. But then, the higher the level, the stronger and more numerous the enemies. Sometimes there are dozens of zombies, including the giant Boss. At that time, pistols were difficult to gain an advantage, requiring gamers to upgrade characters, vehicles, and weapons to survive.

In terms of upgrades, players can upgrade their characters with gold coins. The upgrade possibilities are almost endless, reaching level 100 and still not over. Besides, gamers can also upgrade vehicles, ie combat vehicles. Upgrading will help the tank increase its durability, as well as increase the damage done by cannons or guns on the vehicle. Moreover, gamers can also use stars to upgrade special skills, such as increasing gold, experience points, vehicle power, damage, speeding up the respawn life cycle.

Friendly graphics, vivid effects

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Camp Defense has a fun visual style that minimizes the violence of the tower defense genre. Characters look like dwarves, but each shows their own personality with cool and unique looks. Meanwhile, zombies are also very diverse, with many different types, from small to large, with funny movements. The sound and combat effects are also great, making the experience always energetic.

How to install Camp Defense

Step 1: Search for “Camp Defense” at Modded-1.com and click “Download” in the article to download the APK or MOD file of the game.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by selecting “Install”.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, the game icon will appear on the phone screen. Gamers just need to click on it to open the game and play anytime, anywhere.

Download Camp Defense MOD APK for Android

We’ve got a free Camp Defense for you here. Don’t miss the unique experience with idle and fun tower defense mechanics. Gather your heroes into battle to fight zombies and find peace. You can explore dozens of scenarios and thousands of enemies with unique appearances according to the game’s level sequence.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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