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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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The hit zombies shooting game Zombie Frontier is back with its latest version Zombie Frontier 4. With content, new characters, and a variety of horror mutant zombies are waiting for you to discover in this game. Let’s fight to destroy all the most disgusting zombies and bring back peace.

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Introduce about Zombie Frontier 4

Zombie Frontier 4 – The return of the Zombie Frontier series

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Zombie Frontier is a series of games developed directly by FT Games and released in 2021. So far, it has had 4 versions and Zombie Frontier 4 is the latest. In terms of content, its versions all revolve around the theme of the war between humans and zombies and the post-apocalyptic world. However, in each part, the game brings a unique feeling. Besides, through each part, it is updated with many new features and improvements in graphics and sound. Therefore, this series of games are increasingly developing and winning the hearts of fans. So what does Zombie Frontier 4 have and is it worth your expectations? Let’s find out now.

The zombie epidemic broke out again

After the events of Zombie Frontier 3, the pandemic seems to have subsided and the world is feeling the breath of life again. However, that didn’t last too long, the pandemic returned in Zombie Frontier 4. A vaccine supposedly capable of killing zombies had the opposite effect. Not only does it not make the zombies weak, but on the contrary, it stimulates gene conversions and mutations in the zombies’ bodies. That made them stronger and stronger, and the pandemic broke out again on a much larger scale. Faced with this, the world is in need of new, braver, and stronger warriors.

Extinguish all zombies

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The warriors of the new age have appeared and you are one of them. The mission of each player in Zombie Frontier 4 is to kill zombies to quell outbreaks of the pandemic. Zombies are everywhere, on the streets, in stadiums, hospitals, prisons, factories, islands, and more. They frantically scream every time they feel the human breath. Therefore, no negotiation is accepted. You must fight and destroy all of them before they attack.

Lots of new mutant zombies

In this latest installment, Zombie Frontier 4 brings many new types of zombies, which are groundbreaking and challenging. Typically, there are zombie dogs that can jump from long distances or tentacle zombies that can get up even when their head is shot, Lickers, Roadblockers, Chargers, and other zombies. Besides, there’s no shortage of giant Bosses with monstrous looks and strong attack power. However, each type of zombie has its own advantages and disadvantages. If they are big and strong they are quite slow, if they are agile they are easier to destroy.

Powerful Weapons

To confront unpredictable mutant zombies, players will have to use more powerful weapons. In each case, players need to consider choosing the right weapon to gain an advantage on the battlefield. They can choose pistols to shoot vulnerable areas of the enemy, or automatic rifles to shoot a large horde of zombies, or handguns to blow up one goal. Also, choose Ammo, bombs, sniper rifles and other heavy artillery can be useful in some emergencies.

Support items

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Besides the weapon system, the support items in Zombie Frontier 4 also contribute to the diversity of this game. The player may see a number of protective gear, first aid kits, Adrenalines, and other items along the way. Those are the resources you need to survive. The not only attack is important, recovery and defense are also factors that you need to pay attention to. Do these well and keep honing your skills. Victory will come soon.

Top-notch graphics

Not inferior to games of the same genre on the market, Zombie Frontier 4 possesses an extreme 3D graphics platform. The details from people, zombies to the background, and effects are described thoroughly and realistically. Compared to previous versions, this game has had a slight upgrade that makes the experience more and more perfect. However, it rarely occurs lag as long as the player still ensures a stable Internet connection and has the right device configuration.

How to install Zombie Frontier 4

Step 1: Requires uninstalling Google Play, before installing the exclusive APK version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: You can download 2 official versions (Original APK) of Zombie Frontier 4.

Step 3: Unlock unknown settings on an Android phone. Allow application access.

Step 4: Open the file Zombie Frontier 4_modded-1.com.apk. Tap install.

Step 5: Complete the installation 100%, you will see the game icon “Zombie Frontier 4”.

Download Zombie Frontier 4 APK for Android

Are you tired of post-apocalyptic games? Zombie Frontier 4 will give you a new and unique feeling like never before. The zombie epidemic is growing and humans are gradually approaching extinction. So what do you need to do to bring peace back to humanity? Your life is also the belief of all survivors. Train your skills and tactics to fight crazy mutant zombies.

MOD Features:

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