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Midjiwan AB
Update OnFebruary 1, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Battle of Polytopia MOD APK is an engaging strategy game that is attracting millions of players worldwide. Are you ready to enjoy matches and adventures with other players? The most interesting things are waiting for you.

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Introduce about Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia – Civilization Strategy Game

download the battle of polytopia

Battle of Polytopia was launched by publisher Midjiwan AB in 2016 on Android and iOS platforms. So far, this game has been updated with many new features to enrich the gamer experience. It’s basically a strategy game that combines adventure elements. So here, players can not only enjoy brain-challenging matches but also have the opportunity to explore unique scenes across the map. In addition, construction elements are also integrated into this game. Build and grow your civilization to compete and strive to be the sole ruler.


The player’s quests in Battle of Polytopia include a variety of content. First, they play the role of ruler of a tribe and have the mission to build and develop a civilization. Second, they will join their tribe in direct confrontations with other tribes to take over new lands. Third, players need to upgrade and develop technology throughout the lands they own. Because technology is what helps them master the “game”. Finally, make frequent journeys to different locations on the map to explore and exploit resources.

Game modes

Based on the aforementioned quest system, Battle of Polytopia offers players many interesting modes. First, there is a single-player mode, consisting of two campaigns, Perfection, and Domination. With Perfection, players will compete with the AI, trying to win the most points to outdo their opponents. Each screen game of this campaign usually lasts only about 10 minutes, encapsulating in 30 turns.

download the battle of polytopia mod apk

Meanwhile, in the Domination campaign, the levels are usually longer because it has a fairly large mission system. Players will also face off against the AI, but they have to overcome all opponents on the map to become the sole ruler. The winner will own all the land and resources on the map, and be accompanied by prestigious rewards.

Second, it’s the multiplayer mode, where fierce competition takes place between real players around the globe. To play it, the player needs to ensure a stable Internet connection. Furthermore, they need to invest a lot of time and energy to compete with many other players. This model also includes two campaigns, Might and Glory. With Might, Battle of Polytopia brings fierce battles with the aim of finding the strongest among many gamers. Meanwhile, in Glory, each player will aim to get the fastest 10,000 points to become the winner.

How to win?

As you know, the battles in the Battle of Polytopia have no room for the underdog. There are many talented opponents that players face off in multiplayer mode campaigns and even single mode with AI. So how to win? Technology is key. Technology can be bought in every match in the currency of the star. The number of stars the player receives increases with the level of cities the player builds. So to earn lots of stars to buy technology, you need to work hard to develop and upgrade cities. In addition, players can also complete missions in the system. It also helps them improve cities or get more stars.

Unlock tribes

download the battle of polytopia mod unlocked

Currently, Battle of Polytopia owns 14 different tribes, 4 of which are free and the rest will need to unlock with money. In general, tribes will have their own strengths and weaknesses and can use different types of technology. These are the things that players need to master in order to choose the right tribe and technology. This greatly affects your advantage in each match.


No need for a complicated graphics platform, Battle of Polytopia still captures the hearts of players at first sight. Why? It is designed with simple yet unique images, with bright backgrounds and eye-catching colors. Besides, the movement in the game is also quite smooth, suitable for running on multiple devices. In particular, we want to emphasize the sound. Surely you will feel relaxed with lively and youthful melodies. It contributes significantly to inspiring players.

How to install Battle of Polytopia

To download Battle of Polytopia MOD, please follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Download the file Battle of Polytopia (MOD Unlocked All) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Go to the game’s Settings, go to the advanced section, and set the device to allow running unknown apps. This helps the MOD version to work stably on your device.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: After the installation is finished, the game’s icon will appear on the screen. Just click on it to start playing.

Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK for Android

Is a simple strategy game like Battle of Polytopia enough to please you? This is a game that is attracting quite a large number of players thanks to its unique gameplay and diverse game modes. Lots of engaging battles are designed to challenge each player’s skills. Competition is a factor throughout each match and through that, each player’s tactical talent will be revealed. Can you beat players with your own wisdom?

MOD Features:

  • Unlocked All


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