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Update OnOctober 12, 2022
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Crypto Golf Impact

Crypto Golf Impact APK is a golf-themed sports game. You will not only play games for fun, but you can also earn money from this game. Why is that? Join us to learn more about this game to better understand it.

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Introduce about Crypto Golf Impact

Crypto Golf Impact – Golf game that can make real money

The trend of NFT and cryptocurrencies is now more clearly formed than in the past. This has led to a series of changes in many industries, among which is the development of the mobile game market. Mobile games are gradually moving towards NFT on the blockchain platform. Thanks to that, players can both play games and earn virtual money and exchange it for real money if they want.

Crypto Golf Impact is a good example. This is a project developed by the famous NEOWIZ publisher. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the transparency as well as the attractive gameplay that it brings. This game is considered a new generation of golf games on mobile platforms where players can earn money while playing the game. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store for quick enjoyment.

Familiar gameplay

It can be seen that the gameplay of Crypto Golf Impact is built on the traditional golf game where the player will have to use a club to bring the ball to the designated position on each game screen. The special thing is that the applied physics mechanism is very vivid in this game. Therefore, you need to be reasonable in each operation if you want to win immediately.

The control system in the game is relatively simple, you just need to touch the screen to adjust the force as well as the reasonable angle to bring the ball to the desired position. Depending on the terrain on each level, you need to change the angle of the shot if you don’t want to lose quickly. After each level, the player will receive a corresponding amount of gold used to upgrade or buy in-game items. You can change your club or buy whatever you want.

Daily quests are extremely rich

You should log into the game at least once a day to receive the rewards from the game. In addition, Crypto Golf Impact also gives players a task system that changes every day to help them not get bored when experiencing the game for a long time. Depending on the difficulty of each task, you will receive a reward corresponding to the effort you have spent. Moreover, this game also offers a lot of annual events where players from all over the world can join together and win rewards.

Play for money

This is one of the most attractive features when experiencing Crypto Golf Impact. Like most NFT games, players can get free crystals that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency on the NEOPIN platform. The more crystals you collect, the higher your chances of converting will become. Initially, the amount received may not be too large, but we believe it is enough to make players feel satisfied.

Modern graphics, many improvements

Crypto Golf Impact possesses high-quality graphics when giving players well-invested images. Accordingly, you will continuously explore famous locations around the world throughout the game. These include New York, Maldives, Dubai, and even Paris. All are vividly reproduced through the experience screen that will surely make you feel extremely excited. Besides, the dynamic weather system is also applied to this game. Remember that the weather conditions will directly affect the trajectory of the ball.

The sound is very lively

Sound is one of the main factors that make Crypto Golf Impact stand out in the present time. The background music in the game is integrated extremely successfully to help players feel the vibrant atmosphere as well as a sense of comfort during the experience. In addition, there are some noises coming from the activities in the game that will surely make you extremely excited to enjoy.

How to install Crypto Golf Impact

Step 1: Download the version (original APK) of Crypto Golf Impact from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Open the file Crypto Golf Impact_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Tap install and follow the instructions. Then click on the game icon available on the screen to play immediately.

Download Crypto Golf Impact APK for Android

It can be said that the publisher NEOWIZ really brings extremely quality products in many aspects that make players always feel excited when experiencing. Crypto Golf Impact too. It possesses the same simple gameplay as the previous products combined with some new features that promise to help you have great relaxing moments. Although only recently launched, this game has quickly received the love of many players around the world.

Features MOD:

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