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Foxie Ventures
Update OnMarch 15, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Wolf Tales APK is ready to bring players to the wild world with details identical to reality. Joining the game, the player will transform into a growing wolf, whose goal is to protect his pack and top the food chain. Get ready to be a responsible wolf leader in this game now.

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Introduce about Wolf Tales

Wolf Tales – Wild wolf role-playing game to survive in the middle of nature

Wolf Tales is an engaging RPG game where the player plays the role of a wolf and explores a vivid natural world. This is inhabited by wolves, animals, and other creatures. In the game, players can interact with the environment and other creatures, hunt for food, form flocks, and engage in battles to defend their territory. This product from publisher Foxie Ventures is known for its immersive world-building, detailed characters, and vivid storytelling. You should try downloading it through Google Play or the APK link below to discover more.

The wolf’s battle for survival

As the name suggests, Wolf Tales allows players to explore the wolf’s battle for survival through the perspective of an adult wolf. All players participating in this game must try to survive in the natural world called Wilderlands. You will start your journey by choosing a wolf that matches your taste and is ready for the difficult challenges to come. Will you be the strongest or the hunted in this game? That depends on your decision.

Complete important activities

Adventure with wild wolves to explore the large open world that will open up to you with a lot of interesting experiences. There are important activities that you need to complete to help your wolf grow, such as foraging, defending territory, building a family, and more.

When you have a family, you need to take responsibility for raising the wolf pups so that they can develop fully. A realistic breeding model will keep your wolves at the top of the food chain. In addition, this game also allows players to collect new animals with their wolves after winning the wars. It can be foxes, bears, feral cats, and other wild animals.

Join raids for territory

The natural world always contains a lot of dangers, especially in the battles for territory and power. Wolf Tales is no exception. Players need to train their wolves to become more and more powerful if they do not want to be easily destroyed by the opponent. You need to quickly turn into a bloodthirsty predator by training your fighting skills continuously. Accordingly, the control mechanisms in the game are also very intuitive, making it easy for players to get used to.

Sometimes you need to join uncompromising clan wars to protect your territory. At this time, the leading wolves will be responsible for fighting the opponent and bringing glory to their clan. The fierce survival battle between wild wolves and other wild animals in this game will definitely make you feel impressed.

Explore the vast open-world MMO

Basically, Wolf Tales is an MMO game so you will have the opportunity to approach and interact with many other players around the world. This game offers a large open world with a lot of diverse environments and activities waiting for players to explore. It can be a jungle, mountains or the frozen Arctic.

Each area will have its own characteristics of the environment as well as different living organisms. This means that when stepping out of the territory, danger can come to you at any time. Typically, you can encounter the tiger king in your adventure or fight other players in uncompromising PvP wars. Whatever your choice, the adventure in the natural world that this game offers is truly fascinating.

New generation 3D graphics

Wolf Tales’ next-generation 3D graphics quality will bring you unforgettable exploration experiences. You can freely roam around the map in the game and admire the meticulously designed scenes. It can be a majestic natural beauty, wolf caves, high mountain peaks, stream banks, and more.

All are sketched extremely realistically on the screen which promises to make any player feel excited. Besides, the sound system is also very realistic with delicate sound clips built in. In general, the graphics and sound are effective combinations that promise to vividly reproduce the wild natural environment for players.

How to install Wolf Tales

Step 1: You can download Wolf Tales MOD or APK to your device at the “Download” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”. The installation of the game will take place and usually takes about 1 minute, depending on the size of the game.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you can open the game to enjoy it right on your phone.

FAQs about Wolf Tales

1: Can I play Wolf Tales with my friends?

Of course, Wolf Tales is an MMO game so you can explore the natural world with any of your friends while connected to the internet.

2: How to develop the wolf’s attributes and skills?

It’s very simple, you just need to own important resources in the game to be able to upgrade any attribute for your wolf.

3: How will the MOD version of Wolf Tales help me?

The MOD version of this game at our site will help you attack enemies continuously without having to wait for the skill cooldown. This is extremely beneficial in intense PvP battles.

4: Will I have trouble using this MOD?

Don’t worry, this MOD is very safe and easy to install on any Android device.

Download Wolf Tales APK for Android

Choose your favorite wolf species and start your adventure around the world through Wolf Tales right now. This game recreates the survival battle of wild wolves through a lot of attractive activities available. Moreover, this game also offers vivid 3D graphics that will definitely give you the most realistic feeling when experiencing it.


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