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WildCraft APK is a survival game in nature from the perspective of wild animals. Here, you will become any wild animal to help it survive long enough by performing many different activities. First, you should refer to this article to be able to better understand what this game has to offer.

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Introduce about WildCraft

WildCraft – Experience survival through the perspective of wild animals

Have you ever thought about transforming into a wild animal to adventure in the natural world? WildCraft will make your thoughts come true in no time. Basically, this is a simulation game from the publisher Turbo Rocket Games. In the game, your task is to transform into a wild animal whose mission is to nurture and protect your beloved family from threats around.


This game will give you a closer look at the life of wild animals. At the same time, giving you new experiences through a series of interesting situations available. Besides, this game also comes with an online mode so that players around the world can interact with each other. Up to now, WildCraft has achieved more than 50 million installs on Google Play, so you can rest assured about the fun it brings.

Start the journey by transforming into a wolf

In WildCraft, players will begin their journey through the perspective of a wolf. You can use the available customizations to personalize this wolf according to your preferences. Of course, you can unlock more animals according to the specified process. It could be a fox or even a lynx. No matter what animal you transform into, your task will still be to help it survive in the harsh natural environment. At the same time, the control of the animals will be similar to the virtual buttons that appear on the screen.

Survive in the natural environment

As mentioned, the most important task of the player in WildCraft is to help his wild animal survive in many different ways. The most typical are foraging daily, sharing food with the pack, protecting the smaller ones by defeating enemies, and more. The special thing is that each animal in the wild will have different strengths and weaknesses. So you need to be on high alert if you do not want to be defeated.

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In addition, the characteristics of each animal in the game will also be preserved compared to reality. For example, if you choose to transform into a wolf, you need to help your animal keep its inherent hunting characteristics, or choose to become a deer, to stay away from predators that are stalking. In general, the natural world in WildCraft is described very richly with many activities that will definitely not let you down.

Development and evolution

Any animal that lives in the wild goes through stages of development and evolution. WildCraft understands that the animals in this game will gradually grow up over time if taken care of properly by the player. From there, they will have a change in appearance as well as life experiences. Of course, you need to overcome hundreds of challenges coming from the system to help your beast grow. Remember that the higher your level, the greater the responsibility.

Complete mission

Tasks in the game will be divided into many different difficulty levels, players will start from simple things to complex. WildCraft offers a series of challenges and goals that players must complete developing their wild beast. Initially, the tutorial system will come with available missions for players to easily complete. Things will become more complicated at a later stage. If you do not calculate properly, you will have to repeat the task many times.

Highlight graphics

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WildCraft brings beautiful 3D graphics quality combined with a large environment that promises to give players the best overview of the wildlife world. Moreover, the images in the game are presented very brightly but believe me, you won’t feel that anymore when you start your battle for survival. Accordingly, players will be able to observe everything from a first-person perspective. As a result, the surrounding space will appear in the most detailed and vivid way right on the experience screen.

How to install WildCraft

Please uninstall any other version of WildCraft from your phone. Then do the following steps to download the APK + MOD version of WildCraft at Modded-1.com.

Step 1: Click on the link at the end of this article and choose to download the MOD or APK file as you like.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the file and select “Install”.

Step 3: Wait for a moment for the installation to complete. Then you can open the game and play it right on your Android phone.

Download WildCraft APK for Android

WildCraft will help players better understand the life of a wild animal by directly impersonating the character. The content of this game is quite diverse, you will receive new content if you complete the requirements from the system. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite animal to start your survival journey in the harsh natural world right now.

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