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Enjoy endless epic battles in Weapon Master Idle APK that will help you improve your problem-solving abilities. More specifically, the player will have to lead a group of female warriors in this game with the aim of destroying all enemies on the battlefield. Let’s accompany any girl you want and start playing now.

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Introduce about Weapon Master Idle

Weapon Master Idle – Simulation game to accompany female warriors to fight

Joining Weapon Master Idle, players will have the opportunity to accompany powerful female warriors with the goal of defeating all enemies in front of them. They are all the most talented heroines in the kingdom. The task is very simple, it is to defeat the hostile forces who want to invade their kingdom.

Accordingly, the publisher mobirix has added an infinite growth mechanism that allows players to freely develop the strength of the warriors in the squad. Also, it has a series of attractive content waiting for you to discover in this game. Please download Weapon Master Idle via the APK link below the article for better understanding.

The familiar invasion story

The story in Weapon Master Idle revolves around enemy invasions of your kingdom. This is probably one of the most familiar contents for any player. Because it has appeared in a lot of fighting simulation games in the present time. More specifically, you will be transported to a kingdom whose mechanical civilization has developed by taking advantage of abundant minerals as energy.

But it was this development that also put the kingdom in great danger. Accordingly, the neighboring kingdoms are gathering the most skilled armies to capture this mechanical kingdom. Can’t wait any longer, you need to quickly gather the best heroines in the kingdom to protect your kingdom.

Discover exciting battles

Form your own army of heroes and join the exciting battles that Weapon Master Idle has to offer right now. That’s right, you will have to choose the five most elite female warriors in each stage to accompany you in this uncompromising battle. At the same time, this game has up to 24 characters and each character has their own unique skills.

Basically, the player can touch the Auto icon on the screen to let the heroes freely fight the enemy. This means that you just need to sit back and watch the battle and make reasonable adjustments in the next battles. Besides, players can also directly affect the battle by touching the skills of the heroines to help them unleash the most amazing skill chains.

Collect resources and upgrade

The upgrade system in Weapon Master Idle is also really diverse with countless resources available. You can collect important resources in battles through a variety of content such as Conquest, Training Camp, Defense, and God of War. The hero development mechanism in this game is really diverse so that you can unleash the unlimited potential of your character. It has weapons, pets, costumes, relics, and companions. Please read the information about the heroines on the screen carefully to make the appropriate upgrade decisions.

Connect with other players around the world

Despite being an idle game, Weapon Master Idle still allows players to connect with other players around the world through an internet connection. Accordingly, players will be provided with an online chat feature to exchange information with other players. Furthermore, a rating system is also built-in. This will be a place for you to compete with other competitors around the world to assert your talent. Your position on the world rankings will be an important factor affecting fame in this game.

Simple animated 2D graphics

The graphic design of this game is also shown quite well through the visual details that appear on the screen. Players will immediately see the visualization of battles through images of female warriors and diverse enemy systems. Each character is presented in a different style that promises to bring an endless fighting experience. At the same time, the combat effectiveness is also very well shown with many vivid colors. In addition, the sound is also an important factor that directly affects your gaming experience.

How to install Weapon Master Idle

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article to download Weapon Master Idle to your Android device.

Step 2: Select the downloaded file and select “Install”. Please agree to the required requirements during installation.

Step 3: Open the game, log in and enjoy your immersive experience.

Download Weapon Master Idle APK for Android

Explore a unique fantasy story through endless combat experiences in Weapon Master Idle. This game possesses a lot of outstanding advantages that allow you to build an invincible army and wipe out all enemies. Besides, the appearance of many diverse characters is beautifully designed and excellently voiced.


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