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By Aliens
Update OnMarch 20, 2023
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We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD APK is a simulation game inspired by the activities of the Illuminati organization. This is known as one of the organizations that indirectly rule the world in many different forms. And you will be the leader of this organization when playing this game, what will you do to develop the organization stronger and stronger?

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Introduce about We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy

We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy – Simulation game steps to rule the world

Establishing a new order for the world is something that any of us have ever thought about. But to do that, you need to be a person who has a great influence on all of humanity. Now, everything has become a lot simpler when you enjoy We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy.

This is a game that simulates the steps of world domination through the Illuminati organization from the publisher By Aliens. You will become one of the senior members of this organization and take steps to reach and govern the world effectively. It could be through mind control activities, fake news, sending hidden messages, and more. This game is currently available on Google Play, please download it to discover more.

Control the world through the Illuminati

The growth of the Illuminati organization in We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy causes the world to gradually come under control. You will not be on the side of humanity in this game, but the one trying to come up with reasonable solutions to control the whole world. You will not directly become the senior leader of the organization, but have to go through a long process of making great efforts.

Basically, the simple clicker mechanism on the screen allows any player to get used to playing We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy. Your task is to perform a variety of tasks such as distributing flyers, controlling your mind, creating messages in viral videos on social networks, and more. Do whatever it takes to make an impact and restore order to the main world as your goal in this game.

Additional human resources

Players will begin the process of world domination by establishing a multinational company. You need to come up with the right growth strategies to turn your company into a well-known business. Then you can use the money to occupy other companies’ buildings and replenish good human resources. When you have the full development conditions, you can also access new jobs to accelerate the progress of world domination as the Illuminati organization’s goal.

Control all activities

Becoming a talented leader of the Illuminati organization requires you to perform a lot of different jobs. You need to know all the activities of the organization and give appropriate sanctions to members who oppose your decisions. There are always many ways to change the minds and thoughts of people all over the world in this game.

In addition, We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy also requires players to settle contracts with other partners. It could be politicians, multinational corporations, music stars, and even aliens. Whatever you do has a direct impact on the growth of the organization, so think carefully before making a decision.

Suggestion to join the Illuminati organization for everyone

Creating a community that loves the Illuminati organization is also an effective method for players to spread their ideas to everyone. We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy allows you to create a large community to engage more people worldwide. Once you have a large community, you can directly lead people in different activities. Believe me, the participation of celebrities will help you quickly rule the world in your own way.

Basic 2D graphics

We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy possesses simple 2D graphics combined with a cartoon style. This means that the activities in the game will give players familiar still images. There is a lot of detail that is shown on the screen through a multitude of different operations. Each activity has a characteristic description so that players can easily feel the work they are doing. Besides, the interface in the game is also very intuitive with detailed information displayed on the screen so you can control everything more effectively.

How to install We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy

Step 1: You can download We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD or APK to your device at the “Download” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”. The installation will take place and usually takes about 1 minute, depending on the size of the game.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you can open the game to enjoy right on your phone.

FAQs about We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy

1: We Are Illuminati: Is Conspiracy easy to reach?

Don’t worry too much, this is a game developed with idle mechanics combined with clicker elements so you can play the game easily.

2: Does this game contain items purchased with real money?

Of course yes, you will have to spend a certain amount of money to unlock the items you love in the game.

3: How to unlock all items in We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy for free?

It’s simple, you just need to download the MOD version available at our website. Thereby shopping for anything you want and become the most powerful person in the game instantly.

Download We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD APK for Android

Overall, We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy is a fascinating simulation game for players who want to dominate the world through a variety of ways. Your goal is to utilize the full resources and resources of the Illuminati organization to re-establish world order. Everything is presented very intuitively with simple controls that will surely make you feel excited.


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