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Update OnNovember 18, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Carrot
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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If you are looking for a peaceful place with green meadows and wooden houses, Tsuki’s Odyssey will be the game for you. Enjoy a light life with simple things like decorating the house, fishing, and chatting with super lovable characters. What do you feel?

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Introduce about Tsuki’s Odyssey

Tsuki’s Odyssey – Passive adventure game

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Why do we call Tsuki’s Odyssey a passive adventure game? Simply because you won’t need to move too much but still have a sense of adventure. This genre is also known as an idle adventure and is a forte genre of HyperBeard. Tsuki’s Odyssey is one of the names in this publisher’s collection, recently launched on the mobile platform and completely free. However, currently, this game is not officially available on Google Play but only an early access version. If you want to play it now, visit the link at the end of our article. And now, we will learn more about it.

Enter the super cute world of Tsuki and her friends

Right from the moment entering this game, players will see a very peaceful scene. It was a large prairie field, surrounded by small wooden houses and Tsuki’s lovely friends. This place is called Mushroom Village. Players need to know that Tsuki is not a pet, but a free spirit. Players will control her to move and interact with the world at will. But rest assured, you will not have to move often in this game, instead of doing simple things in daily life.

Construction and home decoration

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First, the player will receive an empty wooden house under an old tree. Then, they need to find things to decorate the interior and arrange them neatly. It sounds so simple, but everything is required to be bought with money. Players need to work hard to participate in activities such as farming, catching fish, earning money, and buy what they like. Besides, think about expanding the house to take advantage of many different things.

Farming and much more

The area around your house will be very favorable for planting something. You can try carrots, cabbage, flowers. Besides, fishing in the lake is also interesting and profitable. Players can exchange these foods to buy items needed for home decoration. Also, don’t forget to plant a few flower pots to decorate the corners of the house. They not only create aesthetics but also contribute to inspiring you every day.

If you find it difficult to start, carefully consider the messages that the game brings. They will tell you what your home needs and locate it. In addition, the locations displayed on the map also tell the player where to sell equipment and harvested food. Just go to those places and you can get many great things, including coins and decorations.

Communicating with friends

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Not only Tsuki but many other friends also live in Mushroom Village. So visit them often and chat with them to increase your engagement. Players can text or take pictures with their favorite characters. Also, travel around the fields by train or on foot to explore the surrounding resources. In general, there will be a lot of interesting things that players can experience in Tsuki’s Odyssey.

Lots of lovely characters to choose from

In fact, players have the right to choose a character from a collection of rabbits, foxes, weasels. Then they can name it and build a house together. It will be a reliable companion to help players in a lot of activities. From planting, taking care of plants, fertilizing, to fishing, this friend can do well.

Classic but fun image

Tsuki’s Odyssey offers many beautiful scenes with images of green fields, vintage houses, small fish ponds, and more. The objects in the house are described quite like reality, besides, the character images are designed to be cute and fun. Not only that, but the context in the game can also change according to the time cycle, there is day and there is night. The special thing is that the space is always light, making players feel relaxed throughout the experience. Besides, I want to talk about sound. It is equally enjoyable with deep and sweet melodies. I really like that.

How to install Tsuki’s Odyssey

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK or MOD Money) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown the setting on an Android device.

Step 3: Open the file Tsuki’s Odyssey_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap installation.

Step 4: Wait about 1 minute to complete all install.

Download Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK for Android

If you have some free time, try Tsuki’s Odyssey. It is really a great game to relax after stressful working hours. Here, there is an element of decor, adventure, community, and more to explore. Besides, the cute and funny features of the characters in the Mushroom Village will make you feel fluttered. Although both in terms of gameplay and visuals, Tsuki’s Odyssey is very gentle, but it is not suitable for children under 13 years old. So please consider before using if you are not 13 years old or older. The game is available at the link below. Just click on it to download and play for free.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Carrot


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David Hodges
David Hodges

Doesn’t let you overwrite previous version