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Update OnDecember 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Upgrades
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK is an idle game where you become a manager of the metal business. Collect precious ore, melt it in a furnace and create highly profitable ingredients. This will help you become a rich giant and dominate the world market. Let’s start exploring it now.

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Introduce about Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon

Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon – Exploit resources, trade, and get rich

Metal Empire

If you are bored with Tycoon games about filmmaking or farming, it’s time for you to try a more unique experience, which is Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon. This game comes from the publisher Game Veterans, currently available on Google Play and free to install. You will find new inspiration in this game with idle gameplay and metal industry management content. It will make you a tycoon in the mining and metal manufacturing industry, a business model with the potential to go global. Make your decision to develop your business strategy and make your brand known to everyone.

Business management from the first steps

Tycoon games like Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon always give players many challenges to test their patience. Therefore, it requires gamers to build and develop their own models from the first bricks. Coming to this game, players will start from the smallest things such as hiring mining staff, renting a few transport cars, or upgrading a furnace, according to the instructions of her assistant. But then they can own a business with a large area and dozens of employees. At that time, gamers will take on more important tasks such as developing strategies, exploring geology, expanding models,…

But to play well, gamers need to shape their strategy from the start. Do you want a small mining model profitable enough to pay workers or a billion-dollar business? Different goals will lead to different actions, thereby determining the player’s experience time in this game. If you dream small, you probably don’t need to play often. However, if you have a strong desire for business, you need to spend more time managing your business.

Hire staff, transport, and manage everything else

To develop the metal mining model, the player cannot do it alone. So they need a team of staff with roles ranging from assistants to mining workers, transporters, smelters, and more. Each type of employee will have different advantages, determining their career. Besides, they can be upgraded to different levels to increase work productivity.

Basically, the staff in the game will include two main series, staff for mental and physical labor. As a rule, mind workers need higher wages and more levels to upgrade. Meanwhile, manual workers such as miners, smelters, etc. will need less money to upgrade and pay salaries. However, any employee plays an important role in your business. Each person contributes to the success of the potential metal industry.

Scaling to reach the world

Players will have many opportunities to grow their business model to the level they want. It ranges from a small business to a well-known metal business in the region, then nationwide, and then globally. Then, your product will be widely known to expand trading relationships in the market. More trading means more profit, but also requires constant expansion and development. Save your money to add new furnaces, new warehouses, new mining areas. At the same time, you also need to hire more staff to take care of additional operations.

Friendly, colorful, and vivid graphics

We like the images in Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon because they evoke a sense of intimacy. Game context, characters, machines, … are described as realistic and have vivid colors. Besides, the sound from the background music or the engine of the transport vehicle, the sound of the furnace, are all very realistic. They contribute to a complete experience, ensuring good both in sight and in hearing.

How to install Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon

Step 1: Please uninstall the existing versions of the game on your phone (if any).

Step 2: Click the “Download” link at the end of this article to download the APK or MOD file of Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and install it. After that, please relax to wait for the installation to complete.

Step 4: Touch the icon of the game on the screen to open and play immediately.

Download Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK for Android

So are you ready to earn money as the boss of the metal mining model? Getting rich has never been this easy with idle gameplay mechanics. You just need to touch the screen to manage activities in the mining area, firing area, warehouse area and watch the $ bills flow into your account. With a reasonable strategy, you will soon become a billionaire who holds the market of the world metal industry. Do you like it?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Upgrades


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