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Dry Cactus
Update OnNovember 12, 2022
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After the great success of Poly Bridge, the publisher Dry Cactus quickly developed and released the latest version 2 called Poly Bridge 2. Basically, this game inherits the outstanding features of the previous version and continues to improve new levels and mechanics. First, let’s find out some of the advantages.

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Introduce about Poly Bridge 2

Poly Bridge 2 was developed directly by the publisher Dry Cactus. Like the previous version of the same name, this game still focuses on simulation gameplay combined with building bridges, roads, mixing many funny elements. Therefore, players can have great entertainment during the game experience.

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This game is currently available on both App Store and Google Play for $2 per download. This is not too high amount, but will definitely help you get real moments of relaxation.


In this game, you need to try to maximize their creativity to build solid bridges to bring convenience to people when moving. You can use materials such as wood, iron, steel, hydraulic pistons available to create iron bridges, suspension bridges, or even slopes to help vehicles cross the river quickly. In general, with what shows this is a very suitable game to entertain you in your spare time.

Ensure balance

To build a solid bridge, the first thing players need to do is to help their bridge ensure the necessary balance through connection points such as studs, bridges, and pillars in levels. Poly Bridge 2 allows players to use a variety of materials to build bridges such as wood, wire, iron, steel. You need to choose the right materials for each level to help your bridge become as solid as possible.

Lots of transportation

In each level of play, the vehicles will constantly move forward, regardless of the bearing level of the bridge. This makes it difficult for players to design and change a lot if want their bridge to ensure balance. Each vehicle has different speeds and weights. So players need to plan the most reasonable bridge if they do not want to lose quickly.

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Of course, cars are not the only means that players need to pay attention to. In certain scenarios, the tugboat will move on the river where the bridge crosses. The player’s task is to calculate correctly so that those ships do not crash straight into the bridge that has been created. Note, for each level, you only have a certain amount of money to complete the bridge. So you must use this amount correctly to be able to win.

Meticulous planning

Before starting the bridge into operation, the player needs to plan carefully to solve all the problems related to the construction of the bridge. Poly Bridge 2 allows players to build a test before starting to build real bridges. This helps save the maximum costs and materials needed. In trial build mode, the player will still see the means of transport along with the key points of the bridge to make it easier to build.

Therefore, you should spend a lot of time experimenting and creating completely new bridges while still saving the cost of a building. This is a difficult task. The difficulty of each level will increase very quickly. So you have to constantly change the bridge structure to meet the travel needs of vehicles in the game.


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Although the quality of graphics in the game is built on a 2D platform, what it brings is really great. The details in the game are carefully elaborated in terms of visuals. So, players can feel the charm during the experience. The context in Poly Bridge 2 is designed quite meticulously, thereby successfully reproducing the stages of building the bridge from simple to complex. Overall, the quality of the display is really a highlight that helps this game achieve a lot of success in the present time.

How to install Poly Bridge 2

Step 1: Download the file Poly Bridge 2 (APK or OBB) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap Install.

Step 3: Complete the installation, the game icon will appear Poly Bridge 2 by MODDED-1.COM.

Download Poly Bridge 2 APK for Android

This game encourages players to maximize their creativity by building bridges. Poly Bridge 2 focuses on giving players the freedom to create bridges to their own preferences without having to follow any rules. This game does not exist too many disadvantages. So you can play over and over again and still feel the excitement that it brings. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game and overcome more than 100 challenges waiting for you in this game right now.

MOD Features:

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