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Matchingham Games
Update OnFebruary 6, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tips
Category Puzzle Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Braindom 2 MOD APK is a thinking game that allows players to explore a series of difficult puzzles available on the screen. This game will continuously bring different questions, thereby challenging the player’s intelligence and it is like a test to test your IQ. Join this game now to train your mind and think differently.

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Introduce about Braindom 2

Braindom 2 – Challenging free puzzle game for brain training

The thinking questions in Braindom 2 will rotate your mind in many different directions. This is a perfect game to train your brain every day through puzzles designed from simple to complex. Each level in the game is filled with tricks and tricks that are not too complicated but also not easy to complete.

Braindom 2

Therefore, you need to think creatively and think in many different directions until you find the most correct answer. In this second part, publisher Matchingham Games has added a series of new content to help players always feel excited when experiencing. Currently, this game has achieved more than 10 million installs along with 4.7 ratings on Google Play, which is an impressive enough number to give you an unforgettable experience.

The gameplay is simple but not easy to win

As you probably already know, Braindom 2 is the sequel to the mind game of the same name that allows players to explore more engaging and diverse content. Join the game, players will have to solve a series of puzzles with different difficulties to continue to discover the next challenge. The gameplay is quite simple. You will rely on the clues available on the screen to find the only liar in the picture to complete the task.

The content of the questions will be displayed on the screen, along with a multiple-choice question. But you need to explain why you chose that answer. Therefore, you cannot randomly choose an answer with the desire to complete the puzzle. Instead, you need to find evidence to prove your answer is correct. Get ready to transform into a talented detective and search for clues if you want to complete the difficult challenges in the game.

Clues are not always helpful

Although clues are one of the important factors to increase the winning rate in Braindom 2, players need to keep calm if they don’t want to be fooled. In some cases, this game will give you fake clues to distract you when investigating. So, in addition to looking for available clues, you also have to think about the logic of these clues. This will definitely make your puzzle process more interesting than ever.

Hundreds of different puzzles

Like most other puzzle games, Braindom 2 offers players a lot of puzzles with increasing difficulty. Currently, this game is available with more than 300 challenging puzzles with completely different content for you to challenge your thinking ability. Thanks to that, you will not feel bored when playing the game for a long time because there are no elements repeated throughout the experience. Besides, new puzzles will be added regularly to increase the excitement for players.

Effects of brain points

Basically, Brain Points are the only currency in this game. It makes it possible for users to unlock hints, gifts, or pass levels without having to solve puzzles. Moreover, this game provides quite a few tools for players to complete difficult puzzles quickly. The most typical is the help of Magnifier. You can use this tool to find the clues available in each puzzle. In addition, you can also watch ads to receive more Brain Points, or the Wheel of Fortune is also a reasonable choice.

Fun graphics

Besides the above factors, the graphics of Braindom 2 also really make us feel impressed with what it brings. The images related to the puzzle are quite intuitive and close follow real-life situations. From there, players can easily observe and make appropriate judgments during the puzzle. Besides, the sound in the game is also very lively with the background music along with the sound clips emitted every time the player interacts on the screen.

How to install Braindom 2

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD version of Braindom 2 MOD at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “install”.

Step 3: The installation will take place right after you do step 2 and usually takes about 1 minute. Relax a bit and the game will be ready to play as soon as the installation is complete.

If there are any problems related to the download and installation of this game, please contact us for responses.

Download Braindom 2 MOD APK for Android

Without a doubt, Braindom 2 is one of the most challenging free puzzle games for any player looking to test their wits. Each level in the game comes with a lot of different content that allows you to freely explore in your own way. But remember that there is only one correct answer, and you have to prove it by giving the most relevant clues.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Tips


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