NecroMerger 1.06 APK + MOD [Menu/Currency/Spawn/Time Skip] Download

Grumpy Rhino Games
Update OnJanuary 21, 2023
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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NecroMerger MOD APK is a fun merge game, your mission is to make the Devourer bigger by eating mystical creatures. Its gameplay is very simple, accompanied by endless content enough for you to feel the joy throughout the enjoyment. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about NecroMerger

NecroMerger – A merge game combined with a fun idle element

Most of the merged games on the mobile game market have simple but extremely attractive gameplay. Each game will give players a different context and story, but the simple merge gameplay remains the same. NecroMerger is no exception. This game will take players to dark dungeons to perform merge missions.


More specifically, publisher Grumpy Rhino Games has added to its product a powerful monster called Devourer. He possesses tremendous strength, especially when he is always hungry and has to eat continuously to increase his strength. You will have the task of merging dark creatures to meet the needs of this monster. NecroMerger is in early access development on Google Play, so download this game to be one of the first to experience it.

Summon an army of darkness

In NecroMerger, the player’s task is simply to merge the same icons on the screen to summon dark creatures. They are minions from hell, the special thing is that they are all Devourer’s delicious prey. This monster has the ability to devour everything to create superior power for itself, so you should feed it regularly to develop your own dungeon.

The gameplay of this game is relatively simple. You just need to touch the same symbols and pair them to form a stronger creature. From dry white skeletons, suddenly turn into powerful creatures thanks to your fusion talents. Overall, this game will not come with a difficult mission system, you simply merge everything to increase the score.

Upgrade powerful monsters

The development of powerful monsters in NecroMerger needs to follow a certain process. For example, you can tap the grave icon to create two skeletons, which in turn can become a zombie, merge two zombies to become a demon, and more. The merge list of this game is constantly growing, and all the most powerful creatures start from two dry skeletons fused together.

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Besides, this game has more than 70 different creatures that appear so that players can merge for a long period of time. Each creature will have its own unique power, and the higher the creature’s stats, the more Devourer will develop when devouring them. Moreover, each level in the game will witness the gradual change of Devourer that will surely bring you an interesting feeling when enjoying.

Expand your dungeon

After reaching the corresponding level, players will have the opportunity to unlock new equipment and expand their dungeon thanks to available resources. Expanding the dungeon is essential in NecroMerger because it will give you a lot of built-in areas to pair creatures. Therefore, creating many dry skeletons at the same time to perform the splicing process will become easier than before. In addition, this game allows creatures to generate their own resources even when offline.

Fight with warlike enemies

The more your dungeon grows, the more it attracts the attention of skilled enemies. They were curious people, or maybe merchants who wanted to collect valuable treasures in this dungeon. Of course, like a dungeon manager, you couldn’t let that happen. The power of the Devourer needs to be constantly upgraded because the later the enemy becomes stronger.

Classic graphics, dark colors

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The display quality in NecroMerger is quite good with the built-in classic style. All the details are built quite simple but enough to make the player feel the gloomy atmosphere of the dark dungeon. The types of creatures that appear in the game are also built quite reasonably. Each type has a different appearance for you to distinguish easily. In addition, the dark colors will also contribute to creating a suspenseful atmosphere for players during the enjoyment.

How to install NecroMerger

Step 1: Please download NecroMerger (APK or MOD) on the Modded-1.com homepage.

Step 2: Allow unknown sources installation for APK or MOD files.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file NecroMerger_MOD_modded-1.com.apk and select “install”.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, you can open the game and play it right away.

Download NecroMerger MOD APK for Android

NecroMerger gives players a more enjoyable experience than a regular merge game. In this game, you not only complete the quest to merge everything, but you also have to develop dungeons, fight against enemies, and more. Overall, this is just an early access version so this game will update with new content in the near future. Try this game now to discover the interesting things it brings.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Currency
  • Spawn/Time Skip/Many More


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