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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Update OnDecember 23, 2022
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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My Rental Girlfriend MOD APK is a typical visual novel game that allows players to freely explore the most fascinating love stories. Here, you will become a part of the story, lead and develop it according to your own interests. Join us to learn more about this interesting game.

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Introduce about My Rental Girlfriend

My Rental Girlfriend – A visual novel game that offers romantic love stories

It is not difficult to find the appearance of outstanding visual novel games in the present time. Each game offers different love stories, attractive enough to attract players to experience for hours. If you don’t have time for a real date, try to explore My Rental Girlfriend for a beautiful girl dating experience.

My Rental Girlfriend

More specifically, this game is also developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. They are one of the most famous publishers of visual novel games in the mobile market. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the remarkable highlights that this game brings. Currently, you can download My Rental Girlfriend at Google Play or the MOD version on our website.

Captivating plot

The plot is one of the important factors determining the success of visual novel games. My Rental Girlfriend is no exception. The plot of this game is inspired by the Rent-A-Girlfriend anime. Here, you will become an ordinary student guy, in a way the main character is attracting the attention of many beautiful girls.

Not only that, but you also have a dream home, financial freedom, study well, and more. However, your only drawback in this game is not having a girlfriend. On a beautiful day, the main character guy found a girlfriend rental service, which is a relatively popular service for young people in the present time. But don’t stop there, you start to have feelings for these girls, what will be the end of this story? Join this game now to find out more.

Choose the right answers

Similar to other visual novel games, My Rental Girlfriend offers players a variety of puzzles to interact with. There is no right or wrong in choosing the answers. You just need to choose the right way to lead the story in another direction. Remember that each decision you make will bring the changing story to an end, but don’t get too hung up on this. Play this game with the mentality of enjoying a series of novels, where you can become the main character and change everything.

Meet three beautiful girls

My Rental Girlfriend brings three girls with their own stories for players to explore freely. We will provide information about each girl right below to help you make your choices easier:

The first is Celina, she is an optimistic, beautiful and caring person. To you, she’s more than just a contract tenant, you want more out of the relationship.

Tessa has the closest relationship with the main character, she is your childhood friend. Since childhood, she has been quite shy, gentle and you need to help her become more confident.

Finally, Zoe is one of the most popular girls in the girlfriend rental company. She always considers the boys around her as customers, never giving love to anyone. But for you, she really is the ideal type of girlfriend.

Overview of Premium Choices

Sometimes the questions in the game make it very difficult for you to give the correct answer even though it will change the original ending. In some questions, Premium Choices will appear so that the player can win the hearts of girls more quickly. To choose from Premium Choices, you need to use diamonds instead of the usual free answer. If you want, you can download the MOD version at our website for a completely free continuous Premium Choices selection.

High-quality 2D graphics

The graphic design of My Rental Girlfriend is like a regular anime movie with an accompanying 2D format. This game exploits the images in a very realistic, vivid, and equally sharp way. All three girls in the game have good looks and distinct personalities that will surely satisfy you. In addition, the available sound is also very good with the soft piano sound emitted during the enjoyment. The music will also change every time the context changes to give players more emotional experiences.

How to install My Rental Girlfriend

Step 1: Allow the device to install from Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Download the game through the APK link below this article.

Step 3: Tap install button on the home screen.

Step 4: The icon of My Rental Girlfriend will appear after successful installation, touch it to play the game.

Download My Rental Girlfriend MOD APK for Android

My Rental Girlfriend will help you approach love stories in a realistic style, very interesting with many options available on the screen. Each story in the game contains a meaningful message so you can draw lessons from experience. Overall, this is a good visual novel game in many different aspects, try to enjoy it now.

Features MOD:

  • All Choices are Free


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