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Life Simulator 3 APK is the next version of the famous Life Simulator series from the Playdrop publisher. As usual, this game will give players a simulated life and you can do anything to develop your character. First, let us learn a little about it.

Note: You can also refer to some casual life simulation games such as BitLife or School Girls Simulator.

Introduce about Life Simulator 3

There are quite a few life simulation games developed on mobile platforms, and Life Simulator 3 is one of them. This game will give players a virtual but extremely realistic life right on the mobile screen. For example, daily affairs, education, events, family. All these factors will help you to better understand other aspects of society, surely you have never known before.

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Besides, Life Simulator 3 is also the latest version released at the present time. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the new things that this game brings during the experience.


Unlike most other simulation games, Life Simulator 3 does not require players to control the character to move continuously while experiencing. Instead, the information tabs will be displayed visually on the screen. This means that you only need to observe this information and make the most appropriate choice from time to time.

Initially, players will have to choose specific traits for their character such as name, gender, or preference. This is quite interesting because you can choose a different gender from reality to do things that you have never thought of before.

So how to play Life Simulator 3 while not being allowed to control the characters? The answer is that you can switch the information tabs on the screen to understand everything around the main character. Maybe this game will appear in many different options, so you just need to touch the option you want to develop the character’s life. Of course, all choices will directly affect the direction of the protagonist’s future life.

Choose the right career

With more than 130 different types of jobs built-in, Life Simulator 3 promises to help players not spend too much time choosing a suitable job. The character’s career development direction is also provided in a relatively detailed roadmap. You just need to follow these guidelines to become a teacher, an engineer, an entrepreneur, or even a talented professor.

Of course, you cannot achieve success in such a short amount of time that it requires a long process of effort. Therefore, start things slowly and carefully if you want to have the future you want. Most of the careers in this game are related so you need to choose from simple career types to develop.

Build a new life

As with reality, the main character in Life Simulator 3 will move away from their parents’ arms when they reach adulthood. This will give us certain freedom, but in return, you will have to solve the problems around you without any other help.

And the first thing that players need to do is own a house, if eligible, you can own any house you want. After owning the first home, the game automatically unlocks new features such as marriage and family to allow players to freely create their own lives.

Buy whatever you want

Life Simulator 3 provides a full range of equipment necessary to serve the life of the character. For example, if you have difficulty moving to work, buy a car to make things more convenient. Or it is simpler to buy your own custom home decoration items, as long as you can afford your own personal needs.

In addition, this game also allows players to make friends with anyone that they see on the road. Then chat and build a lasting relationship. You can unlock a few new features if your surroundings go well.


It can be seen that the graphics quality of Life Simulator 3 will not be compared with games of the same genre on the market today. Simply because it focuses on the player’s interaction with the character’s everyday life. In addition, the interface design of this game is quite intuitive to help players easily manage all necessary information. Therefore, you will see a lot of text appear on the screen during the experience.

How to install Life Simulator 3

To be able to use the MOD feature to work, you need to install the Lucky Patcher application specially.

Step 1: Download and install Lucky Patcher on your phone.

Step 2: Open Lucky Patcher -> Select Switches. Turn on the Proxy option for In-app Purchases and License Check.

Step 3: Install the APK file.

Step 4: Download Life Simulator 3 (APK & MOD), click on the Install icon, and choose to buy what you want.

Download Life Simulator 3 APK for Android

Sometimes everyday life has a lot of pressure, you always want to try living a different life from the present. Let Life Simulator 3 make it easy for you. This game provides all the necessary features to create a life-like reality, allowing players to freely make choices to develop their own life. Are you ready to do that? Download the game via the APK link below to start a new life right away.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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