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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Update OnJune 14, 2022
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Deep legendary stories will be told through Legend of the Animal Spirits APK. This is a simulation game combined with visual novel elements with the basic gameplay. Anyone can participate and understand the story conveyed during the experience. You should first refer to this article to better understand the game.

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Introduce about Legend of the Animal Spirits

Legend of the Animal Spirits – A simulation game inspired by a fantasy forest story

Most visual novel games try to give players interesting stories and convey them in different ways. There are games that allow you to become the main character to explore the whole thing. Or there are also games that require you to interact with people around to better understand the main plot.

Legend of the Animal Spirits

If you are looking for a visual novel game that doesn’t talk about love too much, then Legend of the Animal Spirits will be a great choice. Basically, this is a game from the publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc. The way the story is told and the story in the game are completely different, promising to bring you interesting fantasy situations in the primeval forest. Legend of the Animal Spirits is currently appearing on Google Play and the APK link is below this article, download to enjoy now.

Interesting fantasy story

The story in Legend of the Animal Spirits originates in a primeval forest, where no one can find it, not even adventurers. This is the place where the most gentle creatures live and peace is a factor that helps things to be more balanced. However, an evil force has suddenly risen and spread throughout the forest. Any living thing that was swept by that energy was burned, whether it was a tree or an animal.

This is the time when the remaining sacred souls need to ensure the peace of the forest. The remaining three souls have decided to leave this primeval forest for the first time in their lives. They want to find a true leader to find a way to save the forest from this tribulation. And you are the chosen one, help them fulfill this noble mission by making reasonable choices.

Learn about three new friends

By joining Legend of the Animal Spirits, players will immediately transform into the main character and learn about what is going on around them. You are a libertarian and lead a fulfilling, joyful life. Suddenly one day, you realize that your class has just appeared three new students, Inori, Yuuko, and Coco.

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As a sociable person, you quickly approached and made three new friends. After a period of research, you have discovered there are strange and unusual points from your three new friends. They often act very instinctively, losing their temper in some specific situations. Gradually, everything will be revealed through the situations that appear in the game.

Interact to develop the story

Legend of the Animal Spirits has interactive gameplay like popular visual novel games at the moment. The game will continuously present different situations on the screen, and the player will make the appropriate choices in each situation. No matter how you choose, the story in the game will change markedly after each choice.

Sometimes you will be put in very difficult situations to choose. Please keep calm and make the best choice if you want a happy ending in this game. Of course, this game will bring a lot of different endings that promise to make players feel new. You can play again and again if you want to learn more about all the available endings.

Anime-style cartoon graphics

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The quality of graphics in Legend of the Animal Spirits is excellent through what is displayed on the main screen. More specifically, players will see images of anime characters appearing during the experience. Most of them are girls with special designs, showing their distinct personalities. This game not only offers simple chat actions, but the girls’ facial expressions will also make you feel very impressed. Besides, the main light tones appearing in the game will make everything much more vivid.

How to install Legend of the Animal Spirits

Step 1: Search for the keyword Legend of the Animal Spirits and download the APK at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start the process of installing the downloaded APK file and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Legend of the Animal Spirits by MODDED-1.COM”. You just need to log in and experience the fascinating visual novel gameplay of this game.

Download Legend of the Animal Spirits APK for Android

It is not difficult to realize the special attraction of Legend of the Animal Spirits compared to other visual novel games on the current game market. This game possesses a deep storyline, many highlights, and plot twists that promise not to disappoint you. Moreover, the way the story leads in the game really made us hooked from the first time. You should try to download this game for a better understanding.

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