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Genius Inc
Update OnMarch 22, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Nocturne of Nightmares MOD APK is a novel game that is loved by a large number of young gamers. It is attractive and engaging with its unique, creative storyline and beautiful art design style. Join it and immerse yourself in a romantic and mysterious love story. You will have the opportunity to meet attractive guys and choose to end up with them.

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Introduce about Nocturne of Nightmares

Nocturne of Nightmares – A mysterious love adventure

Nocturne of Nightmares

Do you love the feeling of being immersed in visual novel stories and puzzles? So, we have a suggestion for you, which is Nocturne of Nightmares, the game from the publisher Genius Inc. This game has attracted more than 1 million installs on Google Play and 4.8/5 rating points from players. With this achievement, we believe it is a great choice for you. Join the game and discover attractive boys. You also have the right to choose your path with any character and decide the end of that relationship. Moreover, this is an opportunity to discover a new design style full of creativity, suitable for the preferences of young gamers. Download the game here and start your experience now.


The story of the game revolves around the present and the past. You are a beautiful girl but always feel haunted by mysterious things in her vague past. You indulge in nightmares and see familiar people but can’t remember their names. Then you come back to reality and decide to meet those people in your real life. Those are 4 guys with unique looks and unique personalities. Although she didn’t remember who they were, the girl always felt an intimate closeness with each of them. Help her uncover the truth behind this. It can be the answer to the mysteries of your deep past and end the cycle of reality and past frenzy.

Explore the personalities of various characters

Each character in the game is very well built in terms of appearance, personality, and story direction. Therefore, each person will give gamers many different emotions. Let’s take a look at some information about each of those characters.

Subaru: He’s the first person you meet in your nightmare. He has an odd appearance with red hair and eyes that make him feel timid and self-deprecating. But it is this that attracts you and keeps you hooked. Can you help him become more confident with his appearance and solve the mystery behind that singularity?

Licht: This is the most beloved character in the plot of Nocturne of Nightmares. He is the most mysterious because you have never met him in real life. However, every time she sees him, the girl always feels an intimate connection, making her heartache and tears well up. So, what led to this perception? Take your time to discover this guy as he may be the key to all the mysteries.

Thoma: An upbeat and cheerful person who loves parties and always finds a way to break jokes. But behind that optimism, he always hides his secrets and sadness. And you will be the one to discover it.

Ray: A grumpy guy who deliberately hides his softness and thoughtfulness. Maybe he needs someone to awaken his inner self to shake off his tough exterior. That could be you.

Choose your love and your path

With each character in the game, the player has the right to develop their story according to his direction. They have the right to choose any guy and discover him through dialogue and quizzes. Choose the right answer to go far and expand the story content. Each will give gamers their own feelings, giving rise to different relationships, friendships, love, or even enemies. Depending on his choice, the player will decide the end of the relationship. It can be a romantic love with a happy ending or a bad and sad ending.

Beautiful and vivid art graphics

Like many other novel games, Nocturne of Nightmares is designed with anime style in mind. As a result, the character image appears vivid, youthful, and full of temperament, suitable for the interests of a large number of young gamers. Moreover, the game context is also very diverse and changes flexibly depending on the content of the story. Voiceover and dialogue are also carefully invested, bringing authenticity and depth.

How to install Nocturne of Nightmares

Step 1: Download Nocturne of Nightmares MOD APK by clicking the Download link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and select Install. After that, please relax to wait until the installation is complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it.

Download Nocturne of Nightmares MOD APK for Android

Nocturne of Nightmares will be an interesting destination for many young female gamers. It brings a strange and fascinating storyline, allowing gamers to experience many individual stories with each individual character. Discover each guy’s personality and solve the troubles of your nightmares. Behind their appearance are long-hidden secrets, and only you can help them reveal. This game is free to play, so there is no barrier for you to start it right now.

Features MOD:

  • All Choices are Free


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