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Genius Inc
Update OnMay 14, 2022
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Enigma Squad

Join Enigma Squad APK to explore exciting fantasy stories through typical visual novel gameplay. This is a familiar simulation game, where players will have the opportunity to become the main character and make appropriate decisions in each different situation. You should first refer to this article to better understand the game.

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Introduce about Enigma Squad

Enigma Squad – An visual novel game with many mysteries to uncover

If you are bored with the visual novel games, Enigma Squad will be a reasonable choice for the time being. This is a famous product from the famous publisher Genius Inc. They have released a lot of visual novel games so you can feel secure when experiencing.

Accordingly, this game takes its content from the underworld, where players will explore the content in a more complicated fashion than usual. Therefore, just a few wrong decisions are enough to put the main character in immediate danger. Download Enigma Squad through Google Play or at our website to enjoy it now.

Inspirational fantasy story

Enigma Squad is in the city of Provenance — The Ringmaster, where there are many riots that make everything spiral out of control. In the game, the main character is accidentally dragged to this world by the appearance of three super beasts. About the main character, she is a person who is very good at researching new experiments. This is also the most important reason why she was brought into this world.

You need to help the three beast-man superheroes deal with the current situation and bring the city back to its original balance. Accordingly, fighting criminals has never been a simple task for anyone. Let’s form the Enigma team and bring justice to the whole city. At the same time, the appearance of three handsome men will surely bring you indescribable emotions.

Make informed choices

Like most other visual novel games, the content of Enigma Squad will change based on the player’s choices. On the screen will appear a series of questions with two or three choices. You need to read the question carefully to give the most accurate answer in each situation. Accordingly, each answer has a direct impact on the content of the story, so you must consider it carefully. Of course, this game will not require correct answers in all situations. The decision lies in your choice and way of thinking.

Feel the change in the story

When learning the plot of Enigma Squad, players can slowly feel the emotions in each scene. As time goes on, the dialogues will gradually become more urgent. This means that you need to make quick decisions if you don’t want the main character to be in danger. Sometimes, the player will suddenly witness the ending and see some events over and over again. There are many sad endings appearing in this game. Are you strong enough to bring a happy ending to the main character?

Learn about the main characters

As mentioned, Enigma Squad offers three main characters with completely opposite personalities. Here is information about each character for you to easily find out:

Bowen Lee – The Conjurer: This guy represents justice, Bowen comes from one of the wealthiest families in the city. He possesses an intelligent mind and pioneering research. Bowen’s determination to save the city has you quickly agreeing to be his allies to fight the evil forces together. Is everything really that simple?

Wolfgang Granger – Berserk: In the first meeting, this guy claimed to be the prince of the underworld. Wolfgang Granger grew up in a poor neighborhood, he had to work from a very young age and joined the notorious gangsters. Will he become a defender of justice this time or follow his own path like in the past?

Robert Yamaguchi – Dark Titan: Robert Yamaguchi is a skillful psychologist. The complexity of his way of thinking has caused this guy to often come into conflict with others. You need to help him integrate with the other two guys to form an Enigma team united with the task of protecting justice.

How to install Enigma Squad

Step 1: Search for the Enigma Squad keyword and download the APK at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start the process of installing the downloaded APK file and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Enigma Squad by MODDED-1.COM”. You just need to log in and experience the fascinating visual novel gameplay of this game.

Download Enigma Squad APK for Android

It is not difficult to see the similarity between Enigma Squad compared to other games of the same genre on the gaming market. Basically, this game will give players unforgettable experiences through attractive content transmitted on the screen. Accordingly, the graphics of this game are also polished in many different aspects. This will surely give players a sense of excitement when experiencing.

Features MOD:

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