Grand Prix Story 2 MOD APK 2.5.7 [Money/GP/Nitro/Fuel/Grain] Download

Update OnJanuary 30, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/GP/Nitro/Fuel/Grain
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Kairosoft is a publisher specializing in producing 8-bit graphics platform games on the mobile gaming market. In this article, we will introduce to you a very interesting and novel racing simulation game from this publisher. That is Grand Prix Story 2, let us find out what is special about this game.

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Introduce about Grand Prix Story 2

8-bit graphics have been associated with each of us in our childhood. More specifically, these games all have relatively simple, yet extremely attractive gameplay that makes players unable to take their eyes off the screen. Grand Prix Story 2 is the same, this game is a combination of traditional racing and simulation elements. This means that you will be able to participate in extremely attractive racing, full of competition while enjoying the game.

download grand prix story 2

Furthermore, Grand Prix Story 2’s graphics are built on a classic pixel platform that promises to bring you nostalgia throughout the experience. Currently, this game receives a lot of love from the community of players around the world and has achieved more than 500 thousand installs on Google Play.


Like the first version, Grand Prix Story 2 will continue to bring players to intense races, and players will not be alone during this journey. Your task is to form a large racing team, then train them and hire a professional car repairman to fix the car when needed. Initially, the player will be provided with a regular racing car. Of course, it will not perform too well compared to the opponent’s cars. Therefore, you need to upgrade the parts inside the car to help it perform better in order to become a winner in the races that you participate in.

Remember that a powerful racing car is not enough, you need to assemble an experienced racing team if you want to beat your opponent. Besides, create new tactics to give your car an advantage during the race. Overall, the gameplay of Grand Prix Story 2 is relatively complex. So it takes a long time to master it.

Be the first to finish

Although the gameplay is relatively complex, the control method of Grand Prix Story 2 is quite simple. The player will not have to control his character during the race, but everything will be completely automatic. The player’s only task is to choose a racer, and a suitable vehicle for the race to begin immediately. You may not know, each race in the game will take place in a completely different location. Therefore, the track is also different in terms of topography as well as the difficulty of the track. So, choose for yourself a suitable car, along with a good driver to complete the race in the best way.

Unlock new vehicles

Grand Prix Story 2 is a racing game, so it is not too difficult to understand when it owns a rich racing collection. With more than 50 racing models available, we believe it won’t take you long to choose the right one. Note, each vehicle in the game is not only different in appearance, but their engines will also be different. You can rely on parameters such as power gain, steering wheel, endurance, D-force, speed, to find the best cars.

In addition, the durability of the cars in this game will also be significantly reduced after each round. This is also the time when you should have them serviced, or repaired, before starting a new race. Do not worry, car maintenance costs are quite cheap and do not consume too much of your time.

Diverse race track

As mentioned above, Grand Prix Story 2 offers an extremely diverse racing system that promises to make players go from surprise to surprise. Currently, this game integrates more than 10 different maps with many types of terrain. It could be the beach race, the city, the suburbs, the snowy peaks, and much more. Overall, the setting and the track in the game are really good so we have nothing to complain about.

Classic 8-bit graphics

Although this game owns a classic 8-bit graphic style, the details are very good. You can see the environment, the object, the scene on the track vividly depicted. In addition, the main screen will display all important information to help players understand everything. In addition, Grand Prix Story 2 owns a fun sound system that is sure to make you feel excited.

How to install Grand Prix Story 2

Step 1: Download Grand Prix Story 2 (MOD or APK) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, you need to open the unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap install the Grand Prix Story 2_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete, the game icon will appear “Grand Prix Story 2”.

Download Grand Prix Story 2 MOD APK for Android

For players who love speed, you should not ignore the appearance of Grand Prix Story 2 in the present time. It can be noticed, this game has been upgraded a lot compared to the first version. But in return, it still retains the familiar gameplay that will certainly not make you feel disappointed when enjoying it. Grand Prix Story 2 MOD version below the article will help make your game experience much more enjoyable.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money (increase when you spent)
  • Unlimited GP Medals
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Unlimited Grain


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