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Update OnDecember 3, 2022
MOD FeaturesFree Chest
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Digging for treasure has always been an enjoyable journey, but it is very dangerous for humans. Now you can unleash treasure digging in PickCrafter without having to move to dangerous locations. First, let us learn a little about this game.

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Introduce about PickCrafter

PickCrafter – Idle Craft Game

download pickcrafter mod apk

PickCrafter is essentially a simple game, developed based on the famous Minecraft game. Therefore, from the first time you experience the game, you will feel like exploring a large open world revolving around your gold mining. This game was first launched in 2014 by the publisher Fiveamp. Up to now, it has achieved more than 10 million installs on Google Play. Of course, this number will become more when added to other platforms.


If you’ve ever thought that gold mining is boring and time-consuming, PickCrafter will prove that the above thought is completely wrong. This game offers a very interesting gold-digging gameplay, the player’s task is simply to use a pickaxe to dig the soil and exploit the available resources.

The special thing is that players only need to touch the screen continuously to control this pickax non-stop. After digging to the specified number of soil layers, you will collect the corresponding resources such as iron, wood, gold, and more.

Facing difficulties

After each game screen, players will be upgraded with hoes as well as gold-digging tools. In the game, you will exploit many different types of resources instead of the only resource being gold like the classic game for PC. Sometimes players will be confronted with animals that live underground, such as mice, snakes, or other monsters. Help your character become stronger by upgrading weapons, armor, to easily defeat them.

Weapons upgrade

The weapons we mentioned above are not weapons such as swords, guns, or knives. Instead, PickCrafter only offers players a different pickaxe system throughout the experience. It both helps players to dig minerals and a weapon to fight animals in the ground.

If you feel that the original pickaxe is too rudimentary try buying a new pick in the store. To do this, players just need to access the backpack icon below the screen and choose for themselves a pickaxe to use. Of course, you need to unlock it first if you want to use it.

In addition, this game offers more than 100 different types of pickaxes divided into many properties. Each type will have completely different skills and effects, so they will make your mining easier.

Works offline

Basically, PickCrafter is a game developed in traditional Idle style, so the attraction of this game is only on upgrading equipment. Everything in the game will be upgraded gradually and will become perfect if the player is patient enough. Even if you’re offline, gold mining will continue. Therefore, when logging into the game you will receive many different resources. However, do not be subjective because of this because the amount of resources received is very small compared to normal.

Log in daily to receive bonuses

Players will have the opportunity to receive valuable treasures throughout the mining process. These treasure boxes may contain precious resources or a brand new pickaxe. Besides, if you have a lot of Runic then use it to buy more chests in the store. Remember that treasure chests will contain random items, so you may not always get rewards of great value.

In addition, players only need to log into the game every day to receive rewards. This is really a fairly stable source of income because it appears every day allowing players to receive valuable gifts.

Classic graphics

As mentioned above, PickCrafter is based on the famous Minecraft game so it’s built in the traditional 16-bit graphic style. The details in this game are not beautifully shown, but still, give the player a feeling of excitement. Most of the main features are available on the screen, so players only need to tap on it to do their job immediately.

How to install PickCrafter

Step 1: Download version PickCrafter (MOD & APK) free.

Step 2: After the game download process is complete, click the Install button available on the screen to install the game.

Step 3: Finally, players just need to touch the icon of PickCrafter to experience.

Download PickCrafter MOD APK for Android

PickCrafter is a traditional Idle-style game that can effectively relieve stress, constantly touching the screen to search for resources. Then, conquer the achievements as well as participate in the race to climb rank on the leaderboard. Also, do not forget to perform a series of daily quests to receive attractive rewards.

MOD Feature:

  • Free Chest


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i like this game of 2014