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Becoming a genuine mukbang in Food Fighter Clicker APK will help you satisfy your food cravings. The more you eat, the more bonus points will increase, and you will have the opportunity to access famous dishes around the world through this game. First, let’s learn more about this exciting eating simulation game.

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Introduce about Food Fighter Clicker

Food Fighter Clicker – Food game with a simple but addictive operation mechanism

Food Fighter Clicker

For those who do not know, the mukbang topic is gradually becoming popular on Youtube and receiving a lot of love from viewers. Accordingly, this content is mainly about a person taking a video of the process of eating a lot of food at the same time. After that, they will give their feelings about the food they just enjoyed and the dishes will also change continuously in each video to attract more viewers.

In Food Fighter Clicker, the player’s task is similar. Just eat, eat and eat to get a high score. You need to find a way to develop your character to become one of the best mukbang in the world by eating as much as possible. Besides, the publisher Newry also provides some valuable upgrade features to help your character eat more. Download this game through Google Play or at the APK link below the article to better understand.

Tap the screen to eat continuously

The process of eating in Food Fighter Clicker has been greatly simplified compared to reality. More specifically, players just need to constantly touch the screen to help their character eat faster than usual. The faster you tap, the more the character will eat and the more rewards will be. At the same time, the main character can also automatically eat. But believe me, this process is quite slow and does not bring you any effect. You can also reuse the earned money to upgrade the auto-eating mechanism for greater efficiency.

Enhance the ability to eat effectively

Becoming a famous mukbang is not easy at all. The main character’s body needs to get used to the amount of food. In the early levels, you will be challenged with relatively familiar dishes with not too much quantity. But things will become much more difficult in the next levels.

More specifically, the appearance of strange dishes in extremely large quantities. This is the time when you should upgrade the main character’s eating skills to be able to eat more dishes. Typically you can upgrade to eat more large foods, chew faster, or increase stomach size and more. Of course, you will consider the most effective upgrades from time to time to help your character grow faster.

Unlock many delicious dishes

Food Fighter Clicker allows players to unlock a lot of different dishes during the enjoyment. Each dish will have a different size as well as information such as food stats and how long the protagonist can eat them all. Just like that, you can unlock more types of food. The more you eat, the more money you get. The loop in this game will continuously take place to bring you memorable experiences.

Always keep an eye on the indicators

Eating a lot is not always good for health, this is very evident in Food Fighter Clicker. More specifically, you need to monitor the indicators, especially the fullness of the belly. When the level of fullness is close to reaching the limit, the main character will not be able to continue eating. At this point, you will have solutions like Fart, Dung, and Stop Eating. You need to choose timely remedies if you do not want the main character to collapse while eating. Do not follow this guy in practice because eating too much will lead to bad consequences for the body.

Collect items to personalize the main character

Not only stopping at the eating process, but Food Fighter Clicker also brings a series of changes related to the main character. Accordingly, players can customize the appearance of the main character through options such as shape, hair, outfit, and more. Moreover, do not forget to buy new types of dining tables or furniture in the room. All these options will make your mukbang show more impressive for the audience without causing boredom.

How to install Food Fighter Clicker

Please check and uninstall Food Fighter Clicker on your phone if available. Then please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the APK of Food Fighter Clicker at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you will see the game icon appear on the phone screen. Click it to open and enjoy now.

Download Food Fighter Clicker APK for Android

Food Fighter Clicker is a simple but sure clicker game that will bring you attraction throughout the experience. This game is especially for those users who are passionate about food and want to become famous mukbang. Besides, you can also download the MOD version on our website to conquer the challenges more easily.

Features MOD:

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