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Genius Inc
Update OnJanuary 19, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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A new game that is free for otome fans is Charming Tails. It will take you lost in the kingdom of cats to uncover weird secrets, and at the same time find your true love.

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Introduce about Charming Tails

Charming Tails – Simulation game with an interesting fantasy storyline

The visual novel game genre is no stranger to all mobile gamers today. But Charming Tails is an exciting new experience that fans of otome games should try once. It offers a fantasy plot based on a popular anime series, set in the cat kingdom and its quirky stories.

Charming Tails

With such a plot, the game will make you fall in love with the classic and novel anime design style. You will meet many characters with beautiful looks and interesting stories. Besides, there are relationships that are fictional but very real. The puzzle system is also well-invested, allowing gamers to participate in plot building. Thanks to that, the game of the publisher Genius Inc attracts a lot of young gamers.

Join the magical cat kingdom

Joining the game, the player will play the role of a girl in a difficult situation. Her mother has an incurable. She is told that the disease can be cured by the Cat King, who can make dreams come true. But unfortunately, she accidentally encountered an evil witch on her way to the cat kingdom. She offers to cure the girl’s mother, but in return, she has to become a cat person and work for her. Just when the girl decided to give up her humanity, she was lucky enough to meet The Strays, an organization of cat people against blind witches. And then, she joins this organization, next to handsome guys, and finds a way to fight fate.

The next journey is your story with those cat boys. Can you and them fight the evil witch and find the Cat King? Make your choices to determine the outcome of the story. On that journey, gamers can find their love with a kind cat boy. But the relationship can develop well or not is up to the player’s decision. This is the time to indulge in the weirdest adventures, meet the coolest guys and uncover unique secrets. We know you shouldn’t miss it.

Great cast of characters

Having said that, the biggest attraction of Charming Tails is in the character system. The game has had a thorough investment in the appearance and personality of each character, making them attractive and deep. The main character of the game will include 3 boys with 3 different looks and personalities. Firstly, it’s Rei, the leading cat in The Strays. He is a cold-hearted cat but is afflicted by a painful past. Can you help him open up again?

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Next, it’s Tatsuki, a talented cat who specializes in the position of a spy. And finally Tama, a mischievous cat, and the perfect guy. Each guy has an attractive personality and makes everyone fall in love from the first time they meet. But they also hide many other interesting secrets that gamers need to discover. The truth is sometimes not what it seems. It is you who reveal all the secrets.

Develop relationships with choices

Like many other visual novel games, Charming Tails will offer many questions and options for gamers to participate in building the game’s plot. Accordingly, players need to make decisions based on personal thoughts and feelings. But each choice will lead to different results, positive or negative. So if you want to see happiness, you should think carefully about each of your choices.

Through selection, the gamer determines the nature of the relationship. It could be love, friendship, or something. With different properties, the dialogues between gamers and characters are also different. So, you will enjoy the game content in many different directions.

Excellent picture

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The most important highlight of Charming Tails is in the image. It possesses a detailed, lively and attractive design style. Every image in the game looks realistic, especially in the character. Moreover, it has a different design color with a classic style that combines fantasy elements. The game context is also diverse, the sound is also quite great with the background music being gentle, attractive, and flexible. In general, everything is fine to provide a perfect experience for you.

How to install Charming Tails?

Step 1: Search for the game name at Modded-1.com and click “Download” at the end of the article to download the APK or MOD version to your device.

Step 2: After downloading, click select the file, select Install to start the installation.

Step 3: After installation is complete, the game will be ready to play at any time on your phone.

Download Charming Tails MOD APK for Android

Charming Tails is a perfect choice for fans of the novel series. Diverse background, beautiful characters, new and unique storyline, that’s what you find here. So it’s great for you to immerse yourself in romantic and charismatic conversations. You can find your ideal type among the cool guys. Moreover, the interesting details in the fantasy plot also leave you with many emotions. Try all of that now.

Features MOD

  • Premium Choices (Coming Soon)


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Katia F.Neves
Katia F.Neves

Genius Inc game mod? Awesome, can’t wait to see more of other games! Thanks.

Katia F.Neves
Katia F.Neves

I would really like you to modify this Game with Unlimited Points, if possible in the game in English and Spanish Language.