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Update OnMarch 24, 2023
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Darling Pet MOD APK is a sweet and romantic love game built in the typical visual novel style. Here you can date cute boys to discover the unique stories available. Everything is developed based on interactive elements, meaning you will directly affect the plot and ending in each story.

Note: You can also find some games with similar gameplay like Amour: Love Stories or Mystic Code.

Introduce about Darling Pet

Darling Pet – Dating otome game with many romantic love stories

The story in Darling Pet begins when the main character has rescued the pets from the mysterious organization. When she returned home, she noticed that the previous pets had disappeared, replaced by four handsome men. The arrival of these men has messed up her life, and it’s you who’s rearranging everything.

You may not know, this is a product from the famous publisher StoryTaco.inc. They specialize in producing visual novel games on the mobile game market. Each product comes with many different elements, especially the plot to help players always feel new. Darling Pet has just been released not long ago on both the App Store and Google Play. Thanks to that, players can easily download to their devices to experience right now.

Four mysterious boys

Darling Pet will give players a storyline that revolves around the four mysterious boys we mentioned above. Each guy is a different story for players to explore freely, and of course, you will start dating them for easier access. They are Sean, Ian, Luke, and Ray. Each character has a handsome appearance in different aspects. So you will easily choose according to your preferences.

After a successful selection, the main story in the game will take place between you and that character to make it easier to exploit his past. In Darling Pet, players will encounter a lot of funny and quirky situations, romantic but dramatic, funny, and even horror. All the content is built through the typical Visual Novel style that is sure to keep you interested. Let’s explore the story of all four guys in the game to feel the fun that this game brings.

Make the right choice

The world in the game revolves around handsome guys. They can break the hearts of many girls but you must not let that happen to you. The player’s task is to make the right choices according to different situations to develop the story. At the same time, each choice will make it easier for you to approach the other, thereby making the feelings of both of you grow.

Every choice you make in Darling Pet means a lot, it can affect the main storyline. In some cases, the correct answers will lead the player to a happy ending. On the contrary, if you answer without thinking first, the love story between you and the handsome guy will stop in a short time. This means that everything will have to start from scratch.

Choose special outfits for the heroine

The female character in the game can change the costume according to the player’s preferences to bring a new experience to the experience. Darling Pet brings a lot of costumes with different designs. Eeach outfit represents the trending fashion styles in the world. You can choose to be a high school girl by choosing a short skirt and light white top. Or maybe become a maid, a nurse, or even a stylish spy. More specifically, these costumes can also help your character avoid dangers in certain situations.

High-quality illustrations

Compared to other products from the publisher StoryTaco.inc, Darling Pet’s image quality is not inferior. This game offers high-quality illustrations with lots of detail appearing on the screen. Thanks to that, players can easily empathize with the stories in the game from the first time they enjoy it. Besides, the sound effects also show the necessary vibrancy. Specifically, the impressive background music along with the mood of the main characters will bring you many different emotions.

How to install Darling Pet

Step 1: Download the game at the APK link below the article.

Step 2: Unlock unspecified settings on mobile.

Step 3: Click the Install button available on the screen.

Step 4: Finish the installation, the game icon appears “Darling Pet by MODDED-1.COM”.

Note, if you have any questions regarding the download and installation process, please contact us for support as soon as possible.

Download Darling Pet MOD APK for Android

Through the details mentioned above, you should try the Darling Pet experience to discover the mysterious and equally attractive stories of the four boys in the game. Here, you will go through the suspense, romance, and unexpected truths that await. If you are a fan of the visual novel series, you should not miss the appearance of this new game. Currently, this game has just been released so there will be more updates in the future to become more complete.


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