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Come and join the house of vampires in Blood Kiss. You are a girl who is in trouble with super sexy guys and has to make a choice to decide the end. So what are your options?

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Introduce about Blood Kiss

Blood Kiss – Otome game with great interactivity

Blood Kiss

The story game genre is probably not too strange for every gamer. Because it has been and is popular in the mobile game market with a series of games released every month. Among them, we are impressed with Blood Kiss, the new game from the publisher StoryTaco.inc. It is built on the fantasy story of vampires. However, the character images in the game are completely replaced by super handsome guys. That is probably the biggest attraction in this game and makes it quickly reach more than 500k installs on Google Play.

Typical story gameplay

Like regular story games, Blood Kiss also offers interesting stories to role-play and explore. Here, the player will become a beautiful girl accidentally lost in the world of vampires. She has to face unprecedented trouble when there are 5 guys around with different treatments. But you yourself will solve them by making choices and seeing the results. Each choice will directly affect the main storyline and determine your fate.

The plot content in Blood Kiss is not too new when it is inspired by the series and anime of the same genre. However, the way this game conveys its story is suitable to impress gamers. The details in the storyline will gradually be revealed through carefully invested dialogues. Thereby, they open up new relationships, which can be friends, lovers, or even enemies.

Super charming characters

As mentioned above, the most impressive point in Blood Kiss is the super handsome characters. There are up to 5 main characters, but each of them has a different appearance and personality. You can meet Dayn, the chief executive of the vampire noble lineage. Or is it Ruel, a cold guy but with many confidants and always inferior to his background. In addition, there are Gray, Eden, and Dana, who are friends with Dayn and Ruel and are all members of the noble vampire class.

With different personalities, the game’s characters express different points of view through dialogue, expressions, and more. Players can feel the essence of each person only through his appearance, how he dresses, how he smiles, points. Besides, dialogue is the most important part that shows the depth of each character’s soul. Some people show composure, others are hot-tempered or cold. Thereby, they also have different ways of treating the heroine. From there, it helps to form separate relationships but always have a close connection with each other.

More than 200 options for the ending

Remember that you are always the female lead in every Blood Kiss conversation. So show your opinion on every issue from friendship, love, marriage, hatred. Gamers can do it by touching the screen to choose one of the available answers. But there are more than 200 answers in unexpected situations, so think carefully before choosing so you won’t regret it.

Each choice will affect the next course of the story, thereby deciding the ending of the story. Besides, players can also decide how close they are to the guys through options. They may choose to stay away or stay close to a certain guy and enjoy a romantic relationship or dangerous conflict. Everything is up to you to decide.

Customize your look

Although the player will experience the experience in the first person, the perception of appearance is still important for inspiration. Therefore, Blood Kiss has brought many beautiful outfits for you to try, from an elegant dress, a cool crop top, and trendy hairstyles. All will make you the most beautiful heroine to make every guy excited. So don’t miss the chance to try different styles according to your taste.

Realistic and vivid 2D graphics

We really appreciate the design style of Blood Kiss. The characters in the game possess a super beautiful and realistic appearance, along with vivid expressions. Therefore, they easily conquer gamers at first sight. In addition, the game context is also quite diverse with real spaces such as book rooms, meeting rooms, bedrooms, streets. Everything is quite detailed on the 2D background.

How to install Blood Kiss

Step 1: Download the Blood Kiss version (APK or MOD) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow the unknown installation to install Blood Kiss APK and MOD files. Do that by navigating to “settings” on your device.

Step 3: Open Blood Kiss_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file and install.

Step 4: Installation is done, you can play it right away.

Download Blood Kiss MOD APK for Android

If you love the interactive story game genre, definitely can’t miss Blood Kiss. This is the best otome game to enjoy a romantic story with super handsome main characters. The fascinating episodes revolving around love and hatred are also interesting for you to experience for hours. So start your story here and decide its ending.

Features MOD:

  • Free Premium Choices


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