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Protopop Games
Update OnNovember 25, 2022
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 8.0
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Wilderless APK gives players a large open world, where you will be able to live a free life without depending on any factors. If you are bored with everyday life, try to feel the fun through this game. First, let’s learn a few things about this interesting game.

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Introduce about Wilderless

Wilderless – Where you will be comfortable to feel life without pressure

A large open world is waiting for you to explore in Wilderless – an Indie style game from the publisher Protopop Games. They are quite famous in the market thanks to interesting open-world games that do not have too many details but still make players get hooked when experiencing.

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The special thing is that this game collects the most important facts in the world. For example, vision, worldview, difficulties, passions, thoughts, etc. to make it clearer and more specific than ever. Currently, this game is being sold for $ 2.99 per download on Google Play and App Store.

The world is so peaceful

Joining Wilderless, players will feel like they are stepping into a completely different world from reality. You won’t face any enemies, no companions, no quests, and no noise. This game will give players an incredible peaceful world where you will feel the excitement of nature by exploring it.

Moreover, this game allows players to become any character they want. It can be a girl, a guy or choose the clothes you want to wear the most. Does the world in Wilderless contain other interesting things? Or just peace and nothing outstanding? Let’s discover for yourself by experiencing the game right now.

Do everything you want

As mentioned above, Wilderless has really simple gameplay. Basically, players only need to control their character to move around the map to explore all locations in the game. That’s exactly what players can do in this game in this early access version. Of course, sometimes you will feel bored because the game does not have the fight scenes like other role-playing games. But believe me, the scenes in the game will always bring an interesting feeling during the enjoyment.

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Besides, players can also experience stronger sensations such as climbing the mountain, then jumping to the ground without the help of a parachute. Don’t worry too much about the character’s life, he can’t die even if you try many different ways. In general, this is quite reasonable because it will help the player’s experience always ensure a strong continuity without interruption.

Become anything

In addition to becoming human, Wilderless also allows players to transform into other large animals. Typically, eagles fly over the vast ocean, blue whales explore the vast ocean, etc. This will help players discover other aspects of the world. Things that humans do, they are possible to do.

Besides, players can freely customize everything when moving to a new land. For example, changing the time from night to day, choosing the climate, choosing the right color, etc. All are built-in so that players can customize towards personalization. Ready to use one tap on your device and change the world around you?

Capture the great moment

There are many vivid and beautiful lands that are faithfully reproduced in Wilderless. Therefore, it will be remiss if users cannot take pictures of their characters to store these beautiful memories. With the built-in PhotoMode feature, you just need to touch the feature’s icon to capture all your favorite moments. In addition, players can also use the screen capture function on the device to take pictures in the game.

Beautiful graphics

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The next highlight from Wilderless is definitely the graphic element when this game is equipped with a beautiful 3D graphics format. Along with that, the perfect way to complete everything in the game promises to bring you the most vivid experience. Especially the context in the game will change continuously every time the player moves. Thereby depicting effects such as wind blowing, reflection, ripples, etc. are extremely detailed and complete.

How to install Wilderless

Step 1: You need to download Wilderness (Original APK) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Go to Android phone, unlock unknown settings (Allow apps to access).

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Touch the game’s icon to experience it immediately.

Download Wilderless APK for Android

Wilderless is truly a great Indie game in many ways. Joining the game, you will feel like all worries in life disappear, thereby enjoying a completely new open world in the game. Are you ready to leave behind all the fatigue and pressure? Enjoy the game to make that happen now.

MOD Feature:

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