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Take over the Viking tribe in Vikingard APK to help them lead a more prosperous life than before. There are many things that you need to accomplish in this game, including conquering new lands, developing the economy, fighting other opponents, and more. In this article, let’s learn more about this game.

Note: You can also refer to some other Viking-inspired games like Loop Viking or Last Viking: God of Valhalla.

Introduce about Vikingard

Vikingard – Journey to Northern Europe to take over the mighty Viking tribe


Vikings are one of the most famous tribes all over the world, they possess a large body with skillful fighting skills. But in the present time, this tribe has almost disappeared. By joining Vikingard, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Viking tribe, and at the same time become a talented leader to help your tribe become more developed than ever. More specifically, this is a product from Netease Games Global. They are a prominent game publisher in the world with meticulous attention to every aspect of their products. Try downloading Vikingard through Google Play or App Store now to discover the exciting things it has to offer.

Collect the most powerful Viking warriors

In a game inspired by Viking heroes like Vikingard, it is clear that gathering the most powerful warriors is a very important factor. The player’s task is to collect different Viking heroes, focus on upgrading to increase their strength and participate in endless battles. Initially, the player only has one hero in the party, but gradually more Viking heroes will join the party.

The more you upgrade, the stronger the Viking heroes will increase significantly, helping you to increase the victory rate in the wars. Besides, the battles in the game will take place in the classic turn, so the stats and level of Viking heroes will greatly affect the match. In general, the stronger your warrior, the better rewards you get from your opponent’s loot.

Management and construction of works

After getting the best Viking hero system, you can start rebuilding the land with various constructions. Most of the time when experiencing Vikingard revolves around building structures. To return to the glory days of the past, players need to build and improve various structures through the resources they have collected in each war.

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There are many types of buildings that you should build, including farms, ports, barracks, mines, and more. In addition, other small aspects of Viking culture, beliefs, or traditions will also appear in Vikingard so that players can better understand the most prosperous time of this tribe. Thereby, we can see that the Vikings were able to support themselves even while living on a harsh land or in any difficult circumstances.

Diverse character system

The character system is one of the highlights that makes Vikingard more attractive than other games. In the game, you can easily see that each Viking hero has a unique strength and condition. They will help you build structures on any land, or conduct dangerous expeditions. Of course, there will be some heroes who stand out from the rest. Examples include Shelby Young, Jeff Schine, Misty Lee, Todd Haberkorn, and David Lodge. These are all generals who possess high parameters along with outstanding abilities that you should consider using in each fight.

Join the alliance

Joining alliances with other Viking tribes is also a wise idea in Vikingard. Allied tribes will help you solve a variety of problems, and participate in alliance-specific events to receive valuable rewards. This game will help you connect with other players on many servers through an internet connection. Besides, new events are also updated every day so that players do not get bored. Don’t forget to join the Viking-style mini-games and meet exciting new friends in this game.

Big plus from the graphics

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Vikingard possesses beautiful image quality thanks to the available 3D graphics format. Although it is a game developed on the mobile platform, the image is very well presented and meticulously cared for. Moreover, the shooting angles in the game will also change constantly to help players discover everything in the best way on the experience screen. The next plus point probably lies in the way the character design when creating the image of each Viking hero has its own features that will definitely help you feel interesting.

How to install Vikingard

Step 1: You need to download the APK version of Vikingard from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Install Vikingard_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Open the game “Vikingard” by clicking on the icon and enjoy.

Download Vikingard APK for Android

With the above advantages, Vikingard is really an attractive strategy game combined with RPG elements. The Nordic setting in the game is also very good thanks to the excellent graphics quality available. By joining the game, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy tactical battles but also participate in the construction of Viking tribes’ buildings. Download this game now to enjoy the great experience it brings.

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