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Update OnNovember 21, 2022
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Have you heard of the existence of Vikings? Are they the strongest race in the world? Let’s find out through the game Last Viking: God of Valhalla that has just appeared on the game market to answer the above questions for yourself.

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Introduce about Last Viking: God of Valhalla

Last Viking: God of Valhalla – Become a Viking and enjoy a special adventure

download last viking god of valhalla

After the success of PUGB in previous years, survival games are continuously born with many new upgrades and improvements. If you are bored when you have to confront the same players, Last Viking: God of Valhalla will bring an interesting feeling, completely different from other games of the same genre. Last Viking: God of Valhalla comes from the publisher RetroStyle Games UA, now available on both Android and IOS operating systems. The special thing is that it is completely free, making it easy for players to download and experience an extremely interesting adventure.

Independent life

In Last Viking: God of Valhalla, players will become strong Viking guys. He accidentally got lost in an uninhabited desert island, only the sound of plants and the gentle murmur of the sea waves. You won’t have any memories of why you drifted here. Everything is difficult, you have to do everything to be able to survive in this extreme situation. The first thing to do is to find food and water on the deserted island, then find the tools to build a house to live in. Let’s start the journey in the game now.

A fun gameplay

You will start your independent life after starting the game. Players will not have anything when experiencing the game, you will have to create everything yourself and do not receive any help. This will make the experience more realistic and vivid. First, players need to move to find food and water sources, craft tools for daily life. No one knows what will happen in advance, do everything before it is too late.

download last viking god of valhalla apk

The gameplay of Last Viking: God of Valhalla revolves around the daily life of the main character. Moreover, the time in the game is quite similar to real life. But it will run faster to ensure a fast pace of the game. Players need to go to the forest to collect firewood, get wood to make tools for their hunting. Water is also essential, make sure everything is ready before you do the next work.

Building a residence

In addition to the essential needs, a home is what you have to aim for right after. It will help you keep warm on cold days, or avoid persistent rains. Players should find items to build a place to live, it may be very rudimentary at first. But as you gain experience, you will find it very easy and turn it into a complete house.

Facing the Enemy

In addition to the elements of inclement weather, you will have to confront the wild animals on the island, along with the appearance of dangerous skeletons. Be careful in every move, because you can be ambushed and destroyed quickly by them. Players should make tools to help themselves defend themselves, do not miss your survival journey, unfortunately.

download last viking god of valhalla mod apk

Note: You should regularly monitor the indicators displayed on the left corner of the screen. They represent vitality and important stats related to the protagonist’s life. When one of the 4 stats reaches 0, it means your adventure is over.

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound

Last Viking: God of Valhalla has a 3D graphic style, a mysterious desert island that will be explored through the daily life of the main character. Images of wild scenes display visually in front of the player, additional details such as plants or animals are adjusted in terms of images. Thereby, bringing them to a wildland where humans have never known. This will make players feel like they are in a real battle for survival.

The sound of the game is derived from real life. You will hear the sound of crashing waves, moving animals, or sometimes gentle but sometimes powerful rain sounds. All are available in Last Viking: God of Valhalla, the game will bring you to an independent life, a difficult but very enjoyable adventure.

How to install Last Viking: God of Valhalla

Step 1: You need to download the version (Original APK or MOD Money) of Last Viking: God of Valhalla from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock the unknown setting on Android device.

Step 3: Install the file Last Viking: God of Valhalla_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Open the game “Last Viking: God of Valhalla” and enjoy.

Download Last Viking: God of Valhalla MOD APK for Android

Last Viking: God of Valhalla is an adventure game with a survival element that is worth experiencing. Accordingly, the player is alone in this exciting adventure in this large open world. If you want to experience life on your own and without the help of anyone else, the game will be very suitable.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money


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