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Update OnMarch 11, 2023
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Welcome to Uncharted Waters Origin APK, a role-playing game set in the 15-17 centuries. It will take you on the most epic pirate adventure on the vast seas. You need to lead the legion of sailors, trade, fight and become the ruler of the ocean.

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Introduce about Uncharted Waters Origin

Uncharted Waters Origin – Adventure and explore the unknown oceans

Do you like works about pirates and the ocean? If yes, Uncharted Waters Origin will satisfy you. This is a new game that continues the epic series from publisher Koei Tecmo. It is well invested in every aspect, ensuring you a perfect RPG experience.

About the plot, this game tells about the adventure journey of sailors. You will lead them on this journey and strive to become the top pirate on the ocean. This is a chance to see the unknown seas in the 15th century. Everything comes to life amazingly in 3D graphics.

Lead your legion of sailors

Entering the game, gamers become a captain, who leads a group of sailors. They own a large boat and set off on a voyage to explore the ocean. Their mission is to explore the seas, search for resources, pirates, trade, and more. The detailed mission system in the game will tell you what to do. But you need an effective strategy to complete the tasks well.

Trading tasks play an important role. The game offers a real-time trading system, allowing gamers to discover regional specialties and commodities with fluctuating market prices. Commodity prices change depending on the quantity supplied and demanded. You need to choose the right time to buy or sell goods to maximize profits. To become an ocean master, you need a huge budget.

Join the wars with pirates

Wars are the soul of Uncharted Waters Origin and any pirate game. Pirates wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t experience ocean battles. Fortunately, the wars here are portrayed vividly. They happen randomly when you encounter certain pirates on your journey. At this point, you have a few options: fight, surrender your goods, surrender, or negotiate.

What will you choose? Most captains choose to fight for their honor. As the battle progresses, gamers have full control of the battlefield. They need to send their boats to the battlefield, select targets and shoot. The battlefield will have small squares, each square is a moving unit. Gamers need to choose the right direction and target to ensure victory. Winning gives them many things, such as honor, experience points, goods, and bonuses.

Explore countless vast seas

Uncharted Waters Origin offers a massive open world modeled on a 1/320 scale of the real world. Everything from weather conditions, environments, borders, landmarks, and more is based on historical data. At the same time, this world spans over 8 major powers, 200 ports, 60 villages, and over 300 different battlefields. These are amazing numbers, aren’t they?

Recruit talented sailors

The characters in the game are all talented sailors. They are also inspired by historical figures from the 15th to 17th centuries. Each sailor will have their own profile and attributes such as melee abilities, support, supplies, trade, language, and more. You can upgrade them if you want to improve these attributes.

Over time, the game will unlock many new character cards. Consider their information before deciding to recruit someone to join the crew. Each sailor will take on a unique role, such as fighting, commanding, trading, or negotiating. With a team of talented sailors, you will be the most powerful captain in history.

Enjoy the unique 3D environment

This game will amaze you with the investment in visuals and sound. It possesses 2D graphics combined with 3D with a well-organized and detailed design. The vast ocean environment appears incredibly vivid. The movements of the water and boats are equally realistic. In particular, the characters are designed based on real historical models.

Moreover, the game has more than 104 tracks, including famous songs from composer Yoko Kanno. The characters in the game are also fully voiced by veteran actors.

How to install Uncharted Waters Origin

Step 1: Download Uncharted Waters Origin APK through the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click on the file and select Install. The installation process will take place immediately and usually takes about 1 minute.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it as soon as the installation is complete.

Download Uncharted Waters Origin APK for Android

Don’t miss Uncharted Waters Origin if you love the pirate theme. This game is like a movie inspired by real pirate anecdotes in history. You will accompany the characters in the game and build your empire. There are countless interesting missions waiting for you, captain. Do not ignore the great beauty of the vast ocean here.


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